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5 steps to a better access to information

Monday, April 27, 2015

By using a document management system, the degree of improvement of the activity increases by at least 50%, while the time for documents’ approval drops from weeks to hours

Cut your costs and work efficiently using the integrated solution for Enterprise Content and Document Management SIVADOC 4 developed by SIVECO Romania.

The document and workflows management system from SIVECO Romania provides a common platform that unifies processes and information, aiming at streamlining the documents’ circuit, facilitating access to information, at the same time protecting against unauthorized access.

The direct beneficiaries of the advantages provided by the solution are to an equal extent the organization itself, by increasing the operational efficiency and reducing the documents’ processing costs, but also its customers, who are benefitting from efficient services and improved communication. Here is how: the system can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device. The workflows are clear, fast and easy to use, form-based, the access being secured and available only to those authorized, synchronization is provided either the user is in the office, in a meeting or in a delegation; the documents are transported electronically between branches, without other operational costs.

SIVADOC 4 can be integrated with other applications through Web Services (REST, SOAP), use a process execution engine according to international standards for Business Process Management, an rules execution engine (Business Rules Management) and provides interoperability with other information systems according to international standards for content management and interoperability.

The documents security is guaranteed by using electronic signature, integration with Active Directory and Single-Sign-On direct authentication with the Windows user.

The application makes it possible to share documents with other users, viewing and adding comments on the flow and their approval, online previewing and annotation of the documents such as Office/Text/PDF and documents distributed storage on different servers.

”For those who are using the version launched before SIVADOC 4, we ensure technical support until 31 December 2015”, states Marius Anghel, Product Manager within SIVECO Romania.

Launched 14 years ago, the SIVADOC system successfully manages millions of documents and workflows, as well as search reports with immediate display.