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58% of universities use eLearning solutions

Monday, August 30, 2010

PAELIS project ensures students access to digital courses, while facilitating teamwork and collaborative projects

Bucharest, 30th of August 2010 - More than half of the universities in Romania (58%) use eLearning solutions in their didactic and non-didactic activity. More than half of the universities in Romania (58%) use eLearning solutions in their didactic and non-didactic activity. The majority of the remainder (meaning 68% of them), not using these solutions, says they would like to develop them in the near future - according to a study carried out upon SIVECO Romania's request.

One of the projects providing students and teachers' access to eLearning type of resources is PAELIS, carried out within a partnership between SIVECO Romania and the Polytechnic University Bucharest, and co-financed from the National Plan, Program 5 - INNOVATION, under the contract no. 67/2007 concluded with AMCSIT.

The project, launched in 2007 and completed this year, is supporting the universities by providing them with a modular eLearning portal, that ensures, on one hand, the flexibility of electronic management of the educational process through administration facilities specific to a university, and on the other hand, it ensures increasing the efficiency of the learning process, by providing students and teachers with online evaluation and remote work modules, respectively.

Other university centers in the country and abroad can also benefit of this portal, as the system provides support for the teaching/ learning educational activities, as well as collaborative, knowledge and courses management activities and the management of administrative activities.

"The main objective of the PAELIS project is to create a new, innovative and competitive product, adapted to the requirements for modern education in the universities, that adds to portfolio of eLearning products provided by SIVECO Romania", said Cătălin Ştefan, project's technical responsible within SIVECO Romania.

"A beneficiary of the PAELIS project is the student wishing to actively participate in the educational process, a fact imposing the use of most various means of communication, teamwork, resources' query and the real time transfer of data, images, sound. The other beneficiary is his/her teacher, wishing to assist him/ her in acquiring the skills requested by the technology era: inventive thinking, efficient communication and high productivity", said Prof. Eng., Ph.D., Ana Maria Joşceanu, project responsible within the Center for Technological Transfer for Process Industries within the Polytechnic University Bucharest.