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6 solutions that help at reducing the operational costs of companies in the banking system

Thursday, January 26, 2012

SIVECO Romania offers to the financial institutions performant, reliable and affordable solutions, in terms of price/performance


Bucharest, January 26, 2012 - SIVECO Romania, leader of the Romanian software houses, provides banks turnkey solutions with proven impact on reducing costs.

The solutions developed by SIVECO Romania for the banking sector provide a higher control of information flows, maximize employee efficiency and improve customer service by reducing the response time to requests. All these benefits have a direct impact on reducing the operational costs", said Mihaita Ionel, Customized Application Development Manager within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania developed 6 solutions  to meet the financial and banking organizations requirements:

1. SIVECO Applications 2020 - Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP), which comprises 46 fully integrated components covering all management functions of an organization and unites, in a complex information system, features for management, control, analysis and forecasting that support and enhance the economic performance of companies;
2. SIVECO Business Analyzer - Business Intelligence application, an ideal tool for managers to generate analysis, statistics and reports, extremely useful for business decisions;
3. SIVADOC - an effective document and workflow management system that helps organizations that wish to manage intelligently the documents and documents flow;
4. Integrated solutions for CRM and credit records management (solutions for customer relation management);
5. AeL Enterprise - eLearning solution for staff training and management of digital educational content. On request we can develop multimedia courses according to the specific training needs of each organization;
6. Integrated Custody solutions and Asset Management (management solutions / assets management and planning solutions).

SIVECO Romania had successfully implemented solutions to large customers such as the National Bank - a turnkey system for the Supervision and Financial Stability Department, Credit Bureau in Romania - SIVABON solution, Raiffeisen Bank Romania - SIVECO Applications 2020 system.

The banking sector needs strategic partners in the IT&C field, able to provide differentiators features that translate into competitive advantage, namely, easy and controlled access to information and quick response time to customers’ requests.