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7 ways to streamline the relationship between public administration and taxpayers

Friday, July 24, 2009

IT solutions allow citizens to have non-discriminatory, fast and efficient access to public services.

Bucharest, 24 July 2009 - 68% of Romanian believe that the access to information is very important, most interesting information that they want to know is related to income taxes (50%), the way in which Government spends public money ( 49%), about laws, regulations and decisions adopted by the authorities (34%), shown in a recent research of the Institute for Public Policy.

Informatics Systems improve the efficiency of business institutions in the interest of the citizens that have non-discriminatory access to public services.

SIVECO Romania portfolio includes solutions for public administration perfectly adapted to the requirements of this sector of activity.

Recently released version of the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011 allows real-time communication between the departments of institutions providing support for decisions-makers. By using this system, productivity of the different levels of administration increases, the time of response to taxpayers is reducing and they have permanent access to information. Application components - financial accounting, budget, contracts, investments, fixed assets, ALOP flow automates the work of all departments of public institutions, allowing easy interoperability all data managed by them.

SIVECO Business Analyzer monitors and correlates the whole activity of institutions, allowing synthetical and analytical processing data in real time. Consequences: a fast and efficient decision-making reaction. SIVECO Business Analyzer provides managers of central administration and local an overview of activities Institution with higher possibilities for planning, tracking and forecasting.

SIVADOC - Document documents and workflows, standardizes in a controlled way, the monitoring, security, movement and archiving of all the documents of the organization's current activities. The SIVADOC implementation at the organization level will lead to enhancing the quality of processing documents, reducing the physical documents archive and also the storage space.

The bottom line, SIVADOC provides organizations with an easy manner of generating, managing and archiving documents of any nature that support their activity. We mean here a very wide documents range, from simple text documents, to electronic messages, faxes, scanned documents and even images.

iTAXCollect completely automates the process of calculating and updating the data on taxes and local taxes owed by citizens. The whole process is simplified and fluidized in terms of data centralization and ensuring their security. iTAXCollect is a comprehensive information tool that serves the interests of both authorities and the interests of individual citizens information.

Agricultural Register is a way for recording household unit in counties, land, means of agricultural production and livestock herds. Agricultural Register is addressed to the specialized compartments of the mayoral communes, towns or cities.

INFOCHIOSC is a complementary method of informing taxpayers. Access to the information system can be done through Infochiosc which and installed in public places. The user can inform about the flow of solving various problems, can send suggestions, complains, can inform on issues from income taxes, may send various types of forms, can find any information.

SIVECO PORTAL provides taxpayers easy access to modern communication tools as forum, access on online registry, e-mail etc. There are various sources of information which are updated periodically and may be integrated with other existing applications at the public institution.

"Applications proposed by SIVECO Romania diminishing the time to response of officials to requests of citizens, minimize bureaucracy, while reducing the administration effort in the management and internal control activities. Funding solutions proposed by SIVECO Romania is done outside the budget of public institutions, via the structural funds", says Cristina Itcus, Line of Business Manager Local Government in the SIVECO Romania.