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70% of the specialists are confirming: education can be improved through eLearning

Monday, November 7, 2011

The new teaching-learning methods help pupils develop the skills necessary for the information society

Bucharest, 21th October 2011 - Using IT- based solutions for education is beneficial and generates positive effects over the entire society - say the education specialists. The eLearning solutions cover the needs of the entire education system, providing useful instruments for all the levels - from the decision makers in ministries, up to pupils, teachers, parents and even the large audience. The learning methods based on eLearning succeed in adjusting the education process to the pupils? actual needs and provide access to relevant and updated information.

These conclusions are based on a study carried out within the event eduVision 2020, attended by: ministers of education, ministerial councilors, school inspectors and school managers, academics and teachers from 25 countries.

The survey, conducted during the conference, has focused on getting key information on the modality in which the eLearning solutions can improve the education process and the current problems encountered in the implementation of IT solutions in education.

In this respect, 70% of the respondents have agreed that eLearning can improve the education process, and is facilitating active learning, while 50% say it represents an efficient, flexible and indispensable instrument.

The most important benefits brought by the training through eLearning are considered by the specialists to be, as follows: development of individual and team work skills, development of abilities of analysis and synthesis of information and the capacity to apply in practice the theoretical knowledge learnt in school. These skills are considered to be acquired due to the courses content - by 91%, the informal training 92%, indirect training 70% and for collaborative training - 84%. In short, the specialists consider that eLearning is fully meeting the requirements of the labor market and the modern society and help in creating several economic and social opportunities, at local and global level.

The education specialists participating in the study consider that in recent years several changes have taken place at the level of the education system in the country they represent, most of them to the better. At global level, eLearning plays a more and more important role in education, while the consequences of introducing the new technologies in school bring major results, helping to the development of the whole society.

"eLearning has become a very efficient and instrumental tool in the education process. Its vocation is a pedagogic one, namely to help the teacher deliver information in a manner as complete and attractive for the pupil as possible. The current trends innovate and improve education, by introducing in the classroom the multi-touch devices, the tablets and even of the three-dimensional education content, innovations received with enthusiasm by the pupils and teachers", has stated Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager SIVECO Romania.

Within the conference eduVision 2020 have been debated the trends in information technology applied in education and have been presented successful projects of introducing IT, in countries such as: Romania, Republic of Moldova, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Malta, Morocco, Algeria and Serbia.

The conference was organized in the period 16-17 September, in Bucharest , by SIVECO Romania Agora Group, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Communications and Information Society.