81% of Romanian city halls are planning to work with ITC solutions | SIVECO Romania

81% of Romanian city halls are planning to work with IT&C solutions

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bucharest, 26 March 2009 – The computerization of mayoralty and accessing of structural funds are priorities for 25 villages, according to a recent survey conducted by SIVECO Romania.

Mayors interviewed at the General Associations of Villages in Romania, an event that took place in Bucharest in April, represent cities with up to 14,000 inhabitants.

81% of respondents (mayors) have a strategy regarding computerization of business institution and a time horizon for implementation up to a year. The solutions required are those for collecting data on households - Farm Register, fees and local taxes management (iTaxCollect), applications that meet the functionality for managing contracts, documents, of fixed assets and financial accounting.

The mayors who have not informatisation plans (19%) said that have not necessary information or qualified staff or funds.

John Gabarcea, mayor of the Halchiu village, Brasov, said: "The city hall computerization is an emergency. We started this process four years ago. Basically, we have a new way of working. Now, we don’t need papers, the number of staff decrease and benefits were immediately seen in relation to the citizen, and internally too.

Regarding the facilities with computers, the survey showed that 92% of villages are equipped with 1 to 20 computers, 8% were between 21 and 40 computers and 4% between 41 and 60.

Real modernization of public institutions in Romania can not be achieved in the absence of these connections to systems performance. SIVECO Romania put up applications that manage complex integrated all the resources available to them. Whether talking about FarmRegister, iTaxCollect, Contract Management, Personnel Management pay Budget and Management, facilitated by the SIVECO Applications specialized solutions, to a computerization of the processes of public administration as an important step towards modernizing the sector.

"Our company knows and respects the specific requirements of public institutions and is concerned with the development of customized applications for this sector of activity. Systems developed by SIVECO Romania provides optimal support in decision-making processes, improve service quality and staff and contribute consistent, transparent and communication with citizens", said Aurora Crusti, Vice President Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania.