82.8% of the teachers that participated in the „Intel® Teach -Training in the Knowledge Society ” Program use now modern methods for teaching | SIVECO Romania

82.8% of the teachers that participated in the „Intel® Teach -Training in the Knowledge Society ” Program use now modern methods for teaching

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bucharest, 19th of March – The Impact Study that shows the results of the Intel® Teach –Training in the Knowledge Society Program in Romania, was recently published. The study was conducted by a team of teachers and researchers from the Department for Training Teachers within the Technical University for Constructions, The Politehnica University and the University of Bucharest with support from the Institute for Science in Education. 505 teachers who graduated from this program participated in the study. The Intel®Teach Program that was launched internationally in 2000 is available now in more than 40 countries. In Romania it started in January 2007 and is implemented by SIVECO Romania. 

The impact study showed that 82.8% percent of the teachers that participated in this program utilize now IT&C resources in a different manner than they used to. Teachers benefit from modern teaching resources that they can integrate in a creative and innovative way in their own teaching style. 

The Intel® Teach –Training in the Knowledge Society Program promotes an innovative way of teaching. Teachers are encouraged to learn actively by working together during an intense program which alternates the “face to face” training with individual practical tasks. This way they have the chance to obtain a different learning experience that they can later use in the classroom. 

 “The results generated by the first study conducted in Central and Eastern Europe for the Intel® Teach Program confirms that Romanian pre-universitary teachers are motivated to use the new technologies for an efficient education“, declared Irinel Burloiu, Business Development Manager, Intel Romania. “Intel is an active promoter of assisted computer education and encourages students’ initiative, solving problems and collaboration, key-competencies needed for the 21st century” said Mr. Burloiu.

75% of the teachers that participated in this program consider that IT&C have a significant influence for their professional development and that the course helped them to obtain new competencies. 50% of the participants in the survey declared that after participating in this program they use now more often IT&C resources in preparing the lessons and in the class. Also, the participants in the program consider that they are no longer just simple users of IT&C solutions; they became genuine developers of educational resources. 

"Modern teaching methods combined with the latest IT&C solutions increase the students’ involvement during the classes and enhance the efficiency of the educational process. Intel®Teach - Training in the Knowledge Society Program aims to assist teachers in promoting the student-centered learning. This is achieved by integrating technology and project based methods in the teaching process" said Dana Vladoiu, Project Manager, SIVECO Romania. 

In the priorities’ list of the European Union, increasing the quality and efficiency of education and the initial and continuing training of teachers, plays an important role. Teachers must be trained to acquire the necessary skills and IT&C competencies needed to face the challenges of the knowledge society. To achieve these goals, the Intel Teach - Training in the Knowledge Society Program was approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation and the National Center for Training Teachers of Pre-university Education as a long term program (89 hours) with 25 transferable professional credits.