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9 of 10 people from rural areas aiming to become "important people"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Need for achievement is lower for farmers and public servants who want rather to solve financial problems.

Bucharest, 14 of September 2009 - The need to become an important person, to turn out to be "someone" is very high in rural areas, according to sociological research conducted under the Strategic Project "Rural-manager, attended by 942 entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs from 493 localities in north-east, center and south-east of Romania.

25.7% of respondents want to become important, 42% often feel the need to be someone, 21.1% say they would like to become someone, while only 8% do not think about it, and 3.2% do not know what to answer.

Farmers and public servant have not thought to increase but, rather, to solve financial needs.

Moreover, entrepreneurs and workers in rural areas need greater independence, few are those who like to depend on others. Only employees of private sector and the past of 40 years are not so bothered by the idea of having a boss.

Most people who want to start a business prefer not to think too much about possible failures and to accept them when they occur. The fear is higher for women and increases with age. 16.6% say they do not scare all the failure, 41.2% accept failure with caution, 36.6% do not think about failure when they start something, 3.9% are terrified of a possible failure, 1.7 % do not know what to answer.

Almost all potential entrepreneurs in the village world have a new positive attitude toward business, contrary to perceptions of rural conservatism. The thought of opening a business is accepted as a novelty in their life.

Research on training and consulting needs of entrepreneurs and those wishing to start a business in rural areas was carried out in the strategic project "Rural-Manager - www.ruralmanager.ro, selected in the Human Resources Development Operational Program POSDRU, which is co-financed by European Social Fund, "Invest in people!"

Rural-Manager runs from January 2009-April 2010 and is implemented by the National Foundation of Young Managers - FNTM (www.fntm.ro), as leader of the consortium, in partnership with the Training and Development Center of Employers Associations of Bavaria - bfz gGmbH (www.bfz.de) SIVECO Romania (www.siveco.ro) and the Association of Euro 26 (www.euro26.ro),. Project beneficiaries are entrepreneurs or prospective rural entrepreneurs of the 18 counties of Nord-East, Center and South-East.

The project Rural-Manager promotes culture management and motivation of entrepreneurs to start a process of entrepreneurship, to improve performance, increase access to finance, properties of good practice and ideas of national and international success.

Social surveys have been conducted by the Bureau of Social Research, from March to April 2009.