9,000 Moroccan schools will use the Romanian eLearning solution | SIVECO Romania

9,000 Moroccan schools will use the Romanian eLearning solution

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ministry of Education in Morocco has chosen SIVECO Romania for the implementation, within the next 3 years, of a complex educational solution, meant to modernize the national education system

Bucharest, 27 of May 2010 - The IT-based Education System in Morocco has been launched during a ceremony - which recently took place at the Moulay Ismail High School in Meknès. Having as beneficiary the Ministry of Education, Higher Education, Training and Scientific Research in Morocco, the project was carried out by SIVECO Romania as leader of the consortium including the Moroccan company INVOLYS.

Within this project, SIVECO Romania, a company recognized for its solid international expertise in the field of complex IT-based educational systems, will supply entirely the integrated IT solution and will manage the implementation process.

The launching ceremony was attended by the representatives of the Moroccan government from the Ministry of Pre-university education, Ministry of University Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and New Technologies, and the representatives of the European Commission, World Bank and UNESCO in the Kingdom of Morocco, by the Romanian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco and members of SIVECO Romania management team as well.

"We are extremely proud that SIVECO Romania is becoming the main provider of IT solutions for the Ministry of National Education in the Kingdom of Morocco, within the strategic program to introduce IT into the education at national level. The SIE Program (Système d'Informatisation de l'Education) will be implemented in the next three years at national level and will provide pupils and teaching staff with the possibility to use the most modern educational tools", said Florian Ciolacu, Vice-President International Sales within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania supplies an IT-based Education System - NED (National Educational Database), a unique integrated component dedicated to collecting, validating and consulting the data necessary to the management of the educational system at all levels: school, school inspectorate and ministry. Also, the company will create an educational portal integrated with NED at the functional level that will ensure educational content for the pupils and teachers from 9,000 Moroccan schools. SIVECO Romania will also provide applications for the management of school institutions (AeL School Manager) and for the development of specific educational processes: teaching/ learning, evaluation and communication (AeL LMS/LCMS).

The objective of the first phase of project's development is to install the ASM system (management of school institutions per study levels, management of school results, of the organizational chart, school schedules, of the performance indicators etc) in 100 high schools, 200 colleges and 400 primary schools in Morocco. The learning management system (LMS) will be integrated in 100 high schools and 9,400 users will be trained.

"The system for managing the educational policy will be transparent and controlled. Each school institution will benefit of its own system for managing the information referring to teachers, pupils, employees and resources , while our solution, which is an integrated and standardized one, will ensure the uniform data management", said Alexandru Coşbuc, Deputy Manager for International sales within SIVECO Romania.