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SIVECO Romania supports EU consumer organisations through eLearning services provided for the European Commission

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
The success of these organizations in promoting the European consumers’ interests, health and safety is ensured by a collaborative learning environment based on a constant exchange of best practices and innovative solutions designed to develop sustainable online communities

A new eLearning platform will support consumer organisations throughout Europe to promote the European citizens’ rights. The project "Capacity building programme for consumer professionals" is implemented by a consortium formed of two organisations with strong expertise in implementing similar projects: BEUC (The European Consumers’ Organisation, based in Brussels), SIVECO Romania and DARA Creative.

"Being engaged in this contract for the European Commission, we are committed to play an active role in the civil society, by promoting the consumers’ needs through IT services and eLearning. Our approach in the implementation of the project is aligned with the Consumer Policy Strategy and the most recently adopted Consumer Agenda, aimed at transferring towards the consumers’ organisations those skills and competencies required to obtain measurable and sustainable results, according to their objectives”, says Irina Socol, President & CEO, SIVECO Romania.

The current European financial context and its impact on European consumers create an increased interest for promoting their interests, health and safety when developing consumers’ related actions and policies. Nevertheless, the consumer organisations face significant challenges in their activity, the limited resources as regards to financing and staff being just some of the reasons.

The main objective of the project is to support and enhance the role of consumer organisations through training programs. These will cover various topics, such as project management, public relations & lobby, financial services, competition policies, presentation skills.

"The project uses an eLearning methodology tailored to the staff of consumer organisations and authorities involved in implementing European consumer policies. The project involves the development of educational multimedia content, eLearning programs and interactive communication tools, in addition to the traditional training programs. The final objective being creating a collaborative training environment, allowing the extensive exchange of best practices and innovative solutions, developing sustainable online communities”, states Stefan Morcov, Deputy Vice-president SIVECO Romania.