SIVECO is the main integrated systems services provider in Romania, with 16.8% market share | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO is the main integrated systems services provider in Romania, with 16.8% market share

Monday, September 9, 2013
The company is strengthening its position of local leader it holds for over a decade in the top of IT services providers

The most recent study carried out by International Data Corporation (IDC) is strengthening the leader position SIVECO holds for over 10 years in the hierarchy of IT services providers in Romania. SIVECO Romania has 7.9% of the local IT services market, recording a significant growth of the value of services delivered to both customers in the country and abroad.

It is extremely noteworthy that, although it provides software services, SIVECO imposes itself constantly for years, in a domain fiercefully disputed by the most important hardware providers, the largest national and international companies present on the Romanian IT market.

In a world whose essence has become interconnection, IDC appreciates that – for 2012, out of the IT services range – the vital requirements of the internal market was the one for systems’ integration services. From this point of view, SIVECO Romania is the main provider, proving maturity and the capacity to support and successfully complete difficult, large scale and high complexity projects. In this segment, where managing and correlating huge data volumes are a priority, the company ranks first, with 16.8% market share.

SIVECO expertise in the education field places it on the top position also in the category "Training and Education Services", where it holds 17.2% market share.

Also SIVECO Romania reached 15.1% market share in the category "Custom Application Development Services"; this is a reflection of the concern for the customers’ requirements, according to the specificity of their activity and the company’s capacity to build and implement customized solutions.

For SIVECO, the year 2012 was marked by the continuation of large scale and high complexity national and international projects, but also by starting new projects.

Thus, in 2012, was launched the Electronic Prescription, a project carried out for the National Health Insurance House, by a consortium formed of HP and SIVECO. In just 4 months from the start, were already released over 3 million electronic prescriptions.

The SEI Education Portal (IT-based Education System), a project carried out by SIVECO for the Ministry of Education, is facing very successfully, for many years, the highest influx of visitors interested in the results regarding high school admission and the baccalaureate. The computer-based distribution is the largest project in Romania operating on cloud technology. In 2012, as in the previous years, the SEI portal was ranked first in the overall ranking of Romanian sites, as well as in the category Education /Teaching, recording million of pages viewed, during the period of high school admission exams and baccalaureate. Moreover, searches on Google in 2012 indicate that the expression “baccalaureate results” is found in the top of subjects of interest for Romanian internets.

The IT Systems develop by SIVECO at the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA) and the Payments Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries (APDRP) actually contribute to these organizations’ performance in achieving the highest percentage of EU funds’ absorption, being in the top of public institutions in Romania, in this respect.

Among the international projects, the ones carried out for organizations of the European Commission are noteworthy from the point of view of a special level of complexity and exigency. In 2012, SIVECO Romania has run over 20 contracts, for the Publication Office of the European Union, for EUROSTAT – the European Union Statistics Institute, for the European Aviation Safety Agency, for EuropeAid – General Directorate for Development and Cooperation.

The company has also launched the project for developing the DOLCETA portal, belonging to the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers of European Commission. Within the DOLCETA portal, dedicated to the education of European consumers from the 27 countries, SIVECO provides web management and eLearning content services.

Among the international projects launched in 2012, it is also the European Community project dedicated to the Customs Administration in the Republic of Macedonia “Integrated Tariff Environment - ITE”. The project, developed by SIVECO Romania in partnership with BULL Romania, aims at strengthening the operational capacity of the Customs Administration in the Republic of Macedonia, in conformity to the European Union standards and ensuring the full compatibility and interoperability of the customs information systems with the ones developed in EU.

In Kazakhstan, also in 2012, SIVECO Romania has successfully completed the first stage of development and implementation of digital educational content in schools. This stage took place in the period March to October 2012 and consisted in providing a collection of 4,200 interactive lessons in Russian and Kazakh language for subjects such as physics, mathematics, algebra, geometry and also vocational subjects.

SIVECO Romania has also concluded a strategic partnership with the School for Political Studies NUR Otan, in order to promote the most innovative means and technologies for modernizing the human resources management and developing professional training by means of eLearning and IT&C, for the public clerks and managers in institutions from Kazakhstan.

"For over two decades we are successfully building huge projects for introducing IT for private and public, national and international organizations. We are present in 27 countries on four continents. The IDC analyses show that IT services are vital for the functioning of global economy and of society as a whole, being indispensable for the modern world operating. They too, draw our attention to the ongoing growth of the organizational complexity. Multiple cost centers, decentralized decision structures, the need for redesigning of "organic processes" developed along tens of years, managing millions of users and huge data volumes, confronting with conservative attitudes and end users’ habit of making things as they are, not necessarily as they should have been done, represent just a few of the hurdles that have to be overcome in the process of integrating into the digital milieu. All these challenges equally represent opportunities, like is proved by the fact that for ten years now, we are occupying leading positions in the IDC top", has declared Irina Socol, President & CEO of SIVECO Romania.

The recognition of the success obtained in 2012 by the SIVECO team can also be found in the 19 awards received in competitions such as International Business Awards, Stevie Awards, European IT Excellence Awards, and European Seal of e-Excellence 2012, European Software Excellence Awards, and International Project Management Association.

The juries of these major competitions have granted awards for the projects’ sustainability, for vision and courage, for economic results and for the quality of successful implementations, such as those from the Chisinau City Hall, Administration for the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, the Ministry of Education, Customs Administration in Turkey and Kathrein Romania.