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Romania, a successful presence at «BETT Show» 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Invest in people!
Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013
Priority Axis no. 1: "Education and professional training in support of economic growth and development of the knowledge based society"
Major Field of intervention 1.3. "Developing human resources from education and professional training"
Project Code: POSDRU/87/1.3/S/6277
Project Title: "Lifelong training of the teaching staff in using modern IT resources in the efficient teaching of French and evaluation of the linguistic competences at European level"


Romanian specialists presented the results of a project supporting innovation in teaching foreign languages at the biggest educational fair in the world, held in London

Between 22nd and 25th of January 2014, the team who implemented the project „Lifelong training of the teaching staff for using modern IT resources in the efficient teaching of French and evaluation of the linguistic competences at European level” ID 62771 participated in the 30th edition of the most important event worldwide dedicated to education technology, BETT Show 2014. The aim was disseminating at international level the results of the project implemented in all the counties of Romania.

The project is co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007-2013 „Invest in people!”, and was implemented by the Ministry of National Education in partnership with SIVECO Romania.

The project addresses the French teaching staff from the pre-university system and promotes the idea of innovation by introducing information and communication technology (ICT) in the classroom and modern pedagogical methods for knowledge teaching and evaluation. 

Participation to this event enjoyed a tremendous success, as the project raised a high interest from the visitors and international education experts. Apart from various presentation materials, films and brochures, the visitors benefited from the explanations of the Romanian delegation, composed by Ministry of National Education experts and SIVECO Romania representatives, regarding the modality in which specialized software instrument developed within the project can be used by teachers both in the classroom and out of the class.

During 36 months, the French teachers benefited from a program of training in the new teaching methodologies with the help of modern technologies, aiming at making the French teaching process much more efficient. Within the project were provided an educational portal and digitized lessons both for the course dedicated to acquiring IT competences and the specialty course, which focused on innovative teaching methods aligned to European standards. The teachers also learned to use IT applications dedicated to creating instruments for evaluating linguistic competences according to internationally recognized standards. The exchange of information and ideas between the French teachers were mediated via the forum hosted by the project educational portal.

The attraction of the Romanian stand was the presentation of the latest learning technologies in the context of the need for change in the education sector in the 21st century, which encourages interactivity and teachers-pupils collaboration. By means of the specialized software solutions, teachers learn how to teach efficiently and then to evaluate in a standardized manner, supporting learners to become autonomous and to acquire, in their turn, key competences necessary in the new knowledge-based society.

“The project has led to a training approach which contributed to implementing the main policies and European and national strategies regarding the lifelong training of the teaching staff, in general, and of those teaching foreign languages, in particular. In the context of the information technology era, the project envisaged the development of methodological competences in the specialty field, with the help of modern technologies, in order to use the digital instruments for efficient teaching of French and carrying out of the standardized evaluation of the pupils’ linguistic competences”, declared Manuela Delta Anghel MoE General Inspector, member of the Romanian delegation at London.

At the biggest educational event worldwide, the specialists confirmed once more that they represented inspiring sources ones for the others, while creating an international community where the latest technologies are promoted, on the way to a modern and efficient education. 

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Contact person:
Daniel Dinu
Training Coordinator
Tel: 0728.887.891