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Monday, April 1, 2013
Over 450 students participate in the National Mathematical Olympiad - 2013 edition

The 64th edition of the National Mathematical Olympiad attracts this year more than 450 students, passionate about mathematics, from VII – XII grades who have entered the competition national phase, following the top results achieved in the county levels competitions.

The prestigious competition takes place during 1st-5th of April, in Brașov, at Andrei Șaguna National College and will be followed by the barrage of tests for the selection of national Mathematics lots. Subsequent to this barrage stage, 6 students will be selected to represent Romania at the International Mathematical Olympiad, to take place in Santa Marta, Columbia, during 18th – 28th July 2013.

"We are impressed to see also this year, a large number of students from all over the country, passionate about mathematics, proving a lot of perseverance and seriousness throughout school activities, through their participation in the intermediary phases for qualifying for the national phase of the Mathematical Olympiad. We are very proud of all of them and we wish them much success in the competition, being convinced that the ones who will achieve the best results will successfully represent Romania in the international competitions to be held this year. We are also happy to acknowledge an increased interest of the private companies for such educational events that stimulate and encourage year after year thousands of gymnasium and high school pupils to prepare themselves in order to reach excellence in mathematics", stated Ariana Bucur, General School Inspector of Braşov county.

The competition is organized by the Ministry of National Education in partnership with the Society of Mathematical Sciences in Romania (S.S.M.R.), and benefits this year from the local support of the Brasov County School Inspectorate, Braşov Subsidiary of S.S.M.R., Andrei Şaguna National College and of the support received from SIVECO Romania, the municipality and county authorities and the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Transylvania University in Braşov.

"The large number of pupils participating year on year in this elite competition, as well as the pupils’ very high level of training, strengthens my belief that we will have very talented generations of passionate graduates from mathematics faculties, determined to achieve performance. And this is essential for increasing Romania’s competitiveness worldwide. For SIVECO Romania it is already a tradition to support such events and apart from the pride we are experiencing every time when we are sitting next to these talented youngsters, we feel that it is our duty to invest in the future mathematicians and, why not, the country’s IT specialists", declared Florin Ilia, Vice-President SIVECO Romania.

The competition trials will be judged by a Central Commission formed of 60 prestigious teachers throughout the country from pre-university or university education, being coordinated by Univ. Professor Radu Gologan, PhD, President of the Society of Mathematical Sciences in Romania.

SIVECO Romania has a long tradition in supporting the educational events from mathematics and computer science areas, such as the National Informatics Olympiad, the ".campion" competition, but also inter-county programming competitions, which represent useful stages in preparing the pupils qualified for the national Olympiads, also contributing to discovering and encouraging the IT talents.