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Integrated online services platform that supports active aging for independent and healthy aging

Monday, May 18, 2015

ProActiveAgeing research project aims to extend the active life of ageing persons

SIVECO Romania is a partner within the research project „Active life’s extension for an independent and healthy ageing” (ProActive Ageing), funded through the PARTNERSHIP Programme – Applied Research Collaborative Projects.

The ProActive Ageing project consortium is coordinated by the Clinical Hospital for Infectious and tropical diseases “Prof.dr. Victor Babeș” and composed of the Medicine and Pharmacy University “Carol Davila”, the National Institute for Gerontology and Geriatrics “Ana Aslan”, the National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics and SIVECO Romania.

The partners will develop services based on modern IT technologies that facilitate the empowerment of older persons. Thus, the project will provide „people-centric” IT tools for social and health systems, where citizens are encouraged to take an active role in decision making related to their personal care.

Medical experts will be supported too by digital tools that help them formulate specific strategies, protocols and methods, for maintaining a proper level of biological and social functions of the ageing population.

ProActive Ageing will be an integrated online services platform, structured in three modules.

The first module - Center for Active Ageing - promotes independence of ageing people, providing a holistic approach in order to maintain an independent life as long as possible, promoting health and lifelong learning. It is designed to assist and help users to better know their own ageing process and to provide information regarding the physical, psychological and social aspects related to this process.

The second module consists in carrying out training materials with a wide topic for the specialists dealing with ageing persons. These will get familiarized with medical aspects related to geriatrics, gerontology or anti-ageing medicine, concerning caring of ageing people with special needs. Providing long-term homecare proves to be a viable and efficient alternative to institutional care. Because of the aging population, there is a stringent need for care for more and more aging persons, given the reduction of their family members. This indicates the need for a greater number of well-trained caregivers. 

The third module consists of developing a set of tools for supporting the medical research towards active and healthy ageing. Thus, medical professionals will be supported through the provision of IT tools to assist them in developing specific strategies, protocols and methods for maintaining an appropriate level of biological functions (physical and mental) and social needs of the ageing population.

The toolkit will have a real practical relevance for healthcare professionals, helping them to identify advanced approaches and mechanisms useful in treating the ageing citizens.

„SIVECO has a significant contribution to the development of online services provided by the ProActive ageing platform. More specifically, we are responsible for coordinating the carrying out the experimental models, training materials and necessary toolkit for supporting the medical research towards active and healthy ageing, and the integration of the three modules”, says Monica Florea, Manager of European Projects Department within SIVECO Romania.