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How can you see anytime your business performance?

Monday, May 13, 2013
With SIVECO Business Analyzer solution, any manager can access from mobile devices the dashboard of his organization and promptly take the best business decisions 

According to a recent survey, over 80% of the managers need to access internal information when they are outside the company, while some 74% of them use tablets to this end. The figures reflect in a relevant manner the growing requirement for having real time access to company information.

To meet the managers’ need for mobility, the IT solutions of Business Intelligence type, providing integrated analyses on the company indicators, have to be accessible "here and now".

The solution dedicated to managers provided by SIVECO Romania - SIVECO Business Analyzer - is a true dashboard wherefrom they can access multi-criteria analyses reflecting the company’s performance. Launched 10 years ago, SIVECO Business Analyzer is among the most efficient information management systems. The system is „advising” managers in the planning, monitoring, control and forecast process and provides information based support for adopting strategies for cost control and identification of the profit increasing sources.

From now on, the company dashboard can be accessed also from mobile devices (for example iPad, iPhone). Through the new facility made available to managers there are no time and space limitations.

The managers can consult in real time the company’s performance indicators, presented under a graphical and tabular format, in a meaningful manner, easy to manage and customized. They can monitor from the tablet or mobile phone the troublesome areas within their company’s activity and can browse in order to discover the causes. Thus, one can evaluate in real time not just the overall performance of the company, but also the areas where business can be improved.

With SIVECO Business Analyzer¸ the information relevant to the business development is automatically centralized and filtered. Practically, this intelligent software analyzes and qualifies huge data volumes, providing the managers with an important aid for the decisions and business actions’ substantiation.

The managers can decide by what criteria they should analyze the business and under what form data should be received. For example, a manager analyzes the sales value per product, sales agent, time interval, distribution channel, town, county and region respectively. This means that he receives an analysis based on 7 criteria. But then he can receive n-dimensional analyses by several criteria: customers, suppliers, time interval, countries, regions, counties, cities, departments, budgetary structure, accounting accounts, income, expenses, types of costs, employees and their positions, education level, types of equipments, types of interventions etc. Depending on the requirements specific to each manager and the respective business vertical, other n-dimensional indicators can be modeled.

"In addition to the mobility provided, the new technological updates of the solution reduce the gap between the data existing in the transactional systems and the aggregated reports from the Business Intelligence systems - The Dashboard. The n-dimensional indicators provide the manager the real time picture of his business. The system configured for tablet and mobile phones has the alert facility - via email, SMS – where the manager can receive reports from the information system at preset time intervals. Through these new facilities we are supporting the managers using the mobile devices regularly and who want to be permanently connected to what happens to their business, irrespective of the business vertical they are active in", has stated Ştefăniţă Ghiţă, Development Manager SIVECO Applications 2020.

SIVECO Romania has implemented SIVECO Business Analyzer - Dashboard in tens of public and private organizations managing a large volume of data and business processes, whose activities have impact at national and international level: Aerostar, Dobrogea Biscuit, GRIRO, Electrocentrale Brăila, Transelectrica, CONGAZ, RAFO Onești, Timișoara Airport, National Health Insurance House in România, Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA), Payments Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries (APDRP), National Custom Authority (ANV), Ministry of National Education (MEN), Romanian Naval Authority, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, Constanta Maritime Ports Administration, National Employement Agency (ANOFM), Bucharest Municipality City Hall etc.