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Triple worldwide success for Romanian IT

Monday, September 16, 2013
SIVECO Romania marks a tremendous success with three eLearning projects in the greatest global competitions: IPMA 2013 and World Summit Award 2013
The eLearning projects developed and implemented by SIVECO have recently received the international recognition for the value of Romanian IT, marking triple worldwide success for Romanian research the Romanian education system.

Among the tens of projects that SIVECO team has successfully completed in 2012, three have been selected as finalists in the greatest world competitions of the moment: IPMA (International Project Excellence Award) and WSA (World Summit Award).

In case of IPMA competition prevailed the Multitouch projects (dedicated to collaborative learning - and the education project in Kazakhstan (consisting in interactive multimedia lessons developed for the schools in the country), while at WSA success went to the project for Special schools Portal, CES (Interactive multimedia educational content for children with special needs -

IPMA International Project Excellence Award 2013 promotes competence in management of projects at global level (any type of projects, not just IT, not only education projects).

Ever since the beginning of the year there were signals of international recognition for SIVECO regarding this two projects, as both project were also finalists in the spring, in London, within European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2013 - -2013-finalists-announced - Multitouch Project in the category "Software Innovation Solution of the Year" and the Kazakhstan Project in the category "Government Solution of the Year".

In reference to this success, Radu Jugureanu, manager of the eContent department within SIVECO Romania, says: "IPMA Award is a major result anywhere in the world. Our team (Romanian teachers, Romanian researchers, IT specialists from Romania) will be declared within the World Congress of International Project Management Association, both World Champion and World Vice- Champion. I do not remember now another example of Romanian research & development team, from whatever field of activity, who has reached such a performance lately."

For the project "Special schools Portal - CES – Interactive multimedia educational content for children with special educational needs", SIVECO receives the highest award ever granted to an IT project at worldwide level: World Summit Award Winner 2013

WSA is a global competition of IT projects, being part of the United Nations program WSIS (World Summit on the Information Society).

Prof. Ph.D., Peter A. Bruck, president of WSA jury, says in his official letter addresses to SIVECO team: "Your team has won a valuable recognition from the United Nations Organization. Out of the over 460 applications submitted for evaluation, the jury of international experts has selected only 5 winners for each category, following a double selection process, developed in the most democratic manner possible. I am glad to inform you that you are among the best creative applications providers in the world."

When motivating its proposal, the jury appreciates: "The support that the Special schools portal proposed by Romania is provided to the education system, dedicated to children with special needs, includes a wide range of interactive multimedia content, according to children capacities and learning requirements. For example, some of these children have to be able to learn at their own pace, and to repeat the presented materials several times; they will also be helped to learn by means of an attractive and interactive multimedia content. This function is possible by means of a digital platform on the Internet and fully justifies the project’s selection in the World Summit Awards area of evaluation. The web site’s content is built on a solid basis, covering the psychological, attitude, motivational and experimental requirements as well. The project’s beneficiaries are over 14,000 children from 140 schools, 3,000 teachers being trained to use the product’s results. The project carried out by SIVECO Romania has the support of the Ministry of Education. Among the project’s results are 250 lessons, 1,500 learning objects, for subject matters such as speaking, mathematics, sciences, geography and history. The jury is especially appreciating the web site for the design metaphors it is incorporating ("digital avatars") and for the extraordinarily comprehensive digital library (repository), dedicated to teaching the children with special needs. The project has already won European Software Excellence Award in 2012 and the WSA jury is honored to add, in his turn, his appreciation for this project." 

At this year’s edition of World Summit Award, in the seven 7 categories of the competition (eBusiness & Commerce, eMedia, eInclusion & Empowerment, eEntertainment & Games, eLearning & Science, eHealth & Environment, eGovernment & Open Data) have been submitted projects from 32 countries: Romania, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Ghana, China, Kuwait, Island, Serbia, Uganda, France, Spain, Bangladesh, Brasilia, Tunisia, India, New Zeeland, Austria, Argentina, Egypt, Italy, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Mexico, United States of America, Slovakia and South Africa.

SIVECO Romania has competed in the category eInclusion & Empowerment, where the other finalists are from USA, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and Finland.

"I am delighted to say that this year’s award is the second we are receiving in this important competition. In 2005, we have also been WSA Winner 2005 for the educational content developed within the SEI program (IT- based Education System). We are probably the only company in the world granted worldwide recognition in two different categories (eLearning and eInclusion)" says Radu Jugureanu.

The project "Şcoli Speciale" (Special schools), cofounded through the European Fund for Regional Development, has been carried out together with the Ministry of Education - Management Unit for Projects with External Funding. The project’s overall objectives are the development and the stimulation of the special education system in order to facilitate the children with special educational needs, a better understanding of the environment and the society in which they are growing up, improving their integration and also their active and responsible participation in the social life. 

It is worth mentioning that, this project has recently been declared winner also within the IT Europe competition, in the category "Vertical Market Government Solution".