Pupils, we have a surprise for you! | SIVECO Romania

Pupils, we have a surprise for you!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
SIVECO presented in premiere at ZF Mobilio 2013 the first digital manuals elaborated by specialists in psycho-pedagogy and education experts

It is high time for a big challenge for pupils and teachers: the digital manuals! The paper is transformed into image, the lessons are enriched with sound and color, the imagination is stimulated by simulations and the homework becomes real timer based challenge.

The Abecedary, History, Physics and Geography - are the first digital manuals for the I-XII grades pupils, elaborated out by SIVECO, the largest provider of educational solutions.

The experience in producing educational materials in digital format gained by SIVECO over the past 12 years is now carried out into a new concept: the digital manual, enriched by its tablet version, which can be easily accessed through the applications and facilities that it provides to the user.

"Following the research stage, a new functional model has been defined for the digital manual, through which it is ensured the shift from information reproduction to pupils creating knowledge. We have structured the eBook content based on fundamental and applicative research. We have already elaborated functional prototypes, while the qualitative evaluation carried out inside schools outlined the fact that teachers and pupils are prepared to embrace the new technology. We are happy that we have succeed in creating the immersion effect expected from a digital manual", declared yesterday Professor Radu Jugureanu, at the ZF Mobilio 2013 conference.

The lessons are not just mere Adobe files transposed on screens, but they are enriched with audio clips, videos, animations, simulations, activities in actual or virtual laboratories, e-portfolio where all the pupils’ home works and trials can be saved.

The manuals have been produced based on the national curricula for each subject matter in part. Upon carrying out the interactivity elements, both the characteristics specific to tablets as mobile technology, but also the most recent worldwide research on scholar psycho-pedagogy have been taken into consideration.

"The manual we propose in digital format represents a significant step in decreasing the gap existing between the technological level of the current society and the manner of hosting and sharing of information knowledge within the Romanian education system. The manual provides the national education system with an innovative vision on the curricular approach and on the activities carried out in and outside the classroom, through the interactive character of the learning’s contents and through using the touch-screen technology the tablet is providing to pupils. Many of them are already accustomed with tablets and using smart-phones’, so the interaction will be only natural. We aim at creating projects to facilitate pupils’ access and usage", has Radu Jugureanu.

Psycho-pedagogues, specialists in learning design, software programmers, graphic designers and highly valued teachers alue from the Romanian education system have contributed to elaborating the 4 manuals.