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The Academia SIVECO Program, expands in Timisoara

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Bucharest, 4th of December 2007 Starting with the 2007-2008 school year, the Academia SIVECO Program will be launched in the main universities in Timişoara. After the students from the "Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest" and the "University Politehnica" in Bucharest, students attending courses at the "Western University" and the "University Politehnica" in Timişoara can send, starting with October the 1st, applications for registering in the program.

Academia SIVECO is a complementary training program, which aims at preparing groups of students, in the field of software engineering, economy and sales of software solutions. The project aims at training valuable professionals that will develop their career within SIVECO Romania.

The program is addressed to senior and MBA students who wish to increase their theoretical knowledge previously acquired, with high standard practical abilities. The young people will have the chance to work with prestigious specialists in IT&C, learning what means to finalize real projects.

"By promoting the Academia SIVECO Program, we set out to offer to an increasing number of young people the chance to develop their working experience while there are studying. SIVECO Romania is a company that actively supports the potential’s development of the young people with a passion for IT&C", declared Radu Gramatovici, Project Manager with SIVECO Romania and the coordinator of the Academia SIVECO Program.

A distinguished name on the local and international software market, SIVECO Romania launched in 2004 the Academia SIVECO Program, aiming at offering young people interested in IT&C the chance to develop their professional skills alongside the best specialists in this field.

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