The pan-European research innovation project ACCELERATE helps entrepreneurs to launch and promote themselves on the global market | SIVECO Romania

The pan-European research & innovation project ACCELERATE helps entrepreneurs to launch and promote themselves on the global market

Friday, November 4, 2016

Within this project SIVECO is developing the Intelligent Business Accelerator

According to public statistics, 60% of the business leaders in Romania consider innovation as a critical success factor, while 78% of the IT industry representatives are very confident about this domain’s prospects.

However, success in business depends not only on innovation, but also on the ability to meet customers’ expectations and to provide them the products and services they need. More than ever, the companies aim for the harmonization between the product development, technological innovation and the markets’ demands.

An approach meant to contribute to the fundamental transformation of a business in the IT sector is the European project ACCELERATE (Platform for accelerating the market entry of the products in the ITC industry). This project provides through a software platform, the services and information that the companies need, especially start-ups, in the process of market launch (GO-TO-MARKET).

This European research - innovation project is coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Finland), having project partners from 5 countries: AAC Global (Finland), Aptual Oy (Finland), Bittium Wireless Oy (Finland), F-Secure (Finland), Inno-W (Finland), Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), BEIA Consult International (Romania), SIVECO Romania (Romania), CogniStreamer (Belgium), SIRRIS (Belgium), Zenjoy BVBA (Belgium), University of Mondragon (Spain), Planet Media (Spain), SIVSA Soluciones Informáticas (Spain), TE Connectivity (Belgium), Tobagos (France), VIFIB SARL (France). Launched in July 2014, the ACCELERATE project will be completed in November 2016. The Romanian consortium consists of SIVECO Romania and BEIA Consult International.

Practically, SIVECO‘s contribution to the project has materialized in developing the Intelligent Business Accelerator, a Business Intelligence platform that hosts the instruments and virtual environments necessary to start-ups, the companies having thus access to services based on technological innovation, advanced processes and new software technologies. 

The prototype of the Business Intelligence Accelerator (ABI) created within the project is confirmed through development, testing user interfaces and data services, identifying and protecting the intellectual property rights, as well as proving the ABI solution’s integration with the system of virtual instruments.

In the project’s current stage, the new functionalities of the Intelligent Business Accelerator are designed to sustain the European users from emerging countries in order to allow the matching between different types of users. For instance, the entrepreneurs who wish to develop their own business but they need financial support and the sponsors who want to invest in a new profitable business, can start beneficial partnerships in a fast, safe and effortless manner.

Through Business Accelerator, the start-ups have access to a network of entrepreneurs and experienced consultants that can provide support in the GO-TO-MARKET process. To this end, have been implemented as basic functionalities two systems, one for publishing the project, product and business ideas, and a private messaging system.

At the same time, it was also carried out the integration with the professional network LinkedIn, the platform exporting specific details for the users who wish to register themselves by means of this network of professionals.

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