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Acknowledgements of the Business and Technological Excellency for SIVECO Romania

Monday, December 2, 2002

Bucharest, 2 December 2002 - SIVECO Romania recently received a double acknowledgement of the efforts it made to respect its assumed company mission, that is to be the most important ERP and e-Business solutions provider, by high quality products and services and client satisfaction.

Thus, on the 28th November 2002, during a festive meeting of the Companies National Top laureates, 9th edition, 2002, the country phase, organized by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest (CCIRB), SIVECO Romania received, for its economic and financial results, the HONOUR AWARD AND PLATE for the 1st place at the category of medium-sized companies in IT&C field.

It was an excellent occasion for the Romanian government and CCIRB representatives to congratulate the business community in our country for their efforts to develop the Romanian economy, which is also very important in the process of European integration.

On the same day, during the 8th edition of Romanian Computer Show ? ROCS 2002 - and after a successful launch of SIVECO Applications jubilee version, SIVECO Romania had the honour to receive, during the Excellency Award Gala, an award for AEL (Educational Assistant for Schools and High-schools) e-Learning program.

The schools face today a real technological revolution due to the introduction of computers in the educational system ? a revolution Romania is proud to be part of. At the European Union level, the introduction of computerized learning methods is highly appreciated and is materialized in resolutions of the Ministries Committee, who established terms and programs like e-Learning and e-School.

In this respect, AEL had a very important contribution to the alignment of the Romanian educational system at European educational standards. An integrated system assisting the teachers, the students and all those who are part of the educational process, AEL is the backbone of the software applications developed within the program for computerizing the Romanian schools, started in 2001.

"We are extremely proud that during our ten-year existence the company developed in a continuous rhythm and that we succeeded, together with our partners and customers, in making everything we assumed come true. And it is obvious that these results will only make us more determined to get the same results in future", declared Irina SOCOL, General Manager, SIVECO Romania.