AEL caught the attention of the participants at the National Conference for Educational Software at Brasov | SIVECO Romania

AEL caught the attention of the participants at the National Conference for Educational Software at Brasov

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Bucharest, 12th of May 2004 - Between 8th-9th of May, took place at Brasov, the second edition of The National Conference for Educational Software organized by ARRE (Romanian Association for Educational Resources). About 150 professors from all over the country held communication sessions about planning and creating educational soft.

In the opening of the conference, Mrs. Adriana Ticau, State Secretary in Romanian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology presented The Educational IT-Based System - SEI. Initiated by the Group for IT Promotion in the summer of 2001 and implemented by an IT consortium made up by HP, IBM and SIVECO Romania SEI sustains the objective of the educational reform, in accordance with the eEurope strategy elaborated by the European Commission. It is also part of the European eLearning strategy. SEI is a complex, long term program, involving many human and material resources.

SIVECO Romania participated at the communication session and was represented by professor Radu Jugureanu, responsible for educational materials within SIVECO Romania, and also participated at the educational products exhibition, where it presented the AEL eLearning platform.

AEL interactive lessons were appreciated by the exhibition visitors (pupils, professors and parents); these were for a few minutes pupils in the AEL computerized laboratory and learned chemistry, physics, mathematics or geography on a computer. The most enthusiastic were gymnasium pupils. For the first time at Brasov, were presented lessons designed for this age category. High school pupils had also reasons to be satisfied, as well their teachers: over 230 multimedia lessons among witch there were those seen in the exhibition are already in schools, being included in the AEL platform, which is now present in 1220 high schools in the county.

"We are honored that some of the lessons included in AEL platform received this spring The TIC Award for Educational Software - these lessons do not have to be bought from school or by the parents, the pupils and teachers can enjoy it for free in SEI computerized laboratories" declares professor Radu Jugureanu.