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AEL Classes at Galati

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Bucharest, October 9th 2002: More convincing than any other arguments, AEL demonstration that recently took place at the Local School Inspectorate in Galati proved that the reform of the Romanian educational system is in progress and that it started to be effective.

The above message was transmitted to teachers and pupils by Ecaterina Andronescu, Minister of Education and Research and emphasized by the Romanian President, Ion Iliescu and by the Romanian Prime Minister, Adrian Nastase.

The information program approved by the executive states that until the end of 2003 all the schools and high-schools in Romania will be provided with computerized labs made up 25 PCs, a server, a printer, a modem fax and an educational software.

AEL (Educational Assistant for Schools and High-schools) is an integrated system assisting pupils, teachers and all the participants at the learning process developed by SIVECO Romania and constitutes the axis of the software applications in the information program of the Romanian schools started by MEC in 2002.

Aware of the necessity to adopt the new educational tools, the main "actors" of the teaching process, teachers and students, the initiator of the project, the Ministry of Education and Research, together with its partners, software and hardware companies in the private sector, decided to present it in an approach able to meet the users' requests.

The demonstration at Galati is part of other actions for familiarizing the users with AEL system, the public reaction being essential signals for its providers.

With the help of the students and teachers at "Vasile Alecsandri" National College, the most prestigious high-school in Galati, there has been simulated a Biology and a Chemistry class, taught with AEL, the new information tools being meant not only for the informatics classes and specialists, but for the entire educational system. Chemistry, physics, mathematics, Romanian or foreign languages are accessible to teachers and pupils in the same friendly way.

The active participation of the schools in improving the multimedia didactical materials included in AEL, the possibility to collaborate with important suppliers, was again shown at Galati: meetings and discussions with educational soft companies in Galati and in Iasi universitary centre took place. There have been identified possibilities to collaborate with SIVECO in fields such as: testing the students' knowledge in Maths, student socio-professional appraisal, for establishing their professional orientation.

The audience interest in AEL program was also demonstrated by the numerous questions they addressed to Valentin Cotarta, nformation Department Manager in MEC, and to SIVECO Romania team.

Teachers with a lot of pedagogic experience were fascinated by the opportunities brought about by this teaching system. If the reaction of science teachers was somehow predictable, that of the Romanian or History teachers proved to be a very encouraging one, taking into account they believe the mix between classical didactic tools and AEL is a very interesting one.

The book will never be completely replaced, but the way the tests will be managed, the students? access to information sources permanently actualized turn into some great advantages.

"These classes undoubtedly showed that both teachers and students are now able to creatively take part in the education process. The computer does not replace the teacher; on the contrary, he goes on guiding the students? education. The new teaching system involves the teachers? familiarization with the new work instruments, MEC initiating, in this respect, a large program to train the teachers", declared Valentin Cotarta.

The decision of MEC to provide, within SEI program, all the education units with a computerized lab, having a standard configuration, proved to be very useful ? its the performances guarantee the quality of the educational process.

"AEL is an opened system", declares Florin Ilia, Internet Space Department Manager at SIVECO Romania. "When it is delivered, the system already includes educational materials for some of the subjects, but you can always add new ones. The teacher has special functions to prepare the lessons, is provided with a database with educational materials, out of which he can plan a class according to his own style, the school program and the class level of education. Moreover, the databases are inter-connectable. For instance, high schools connect to the local inspectorate and are automatically connected to the novelties in the central data base".