AeL eContent solution from SIVECO Romania was rewarded with the Special Award at the Diskobolos competition 2009 | SIVECO Romania

AeL eContent solution from SIVECO Romania was rewarded with the Special Award at the Diskobolos competition 2009

Friday, January 15, 2010

DISKOBOLOS competition is considered equivalent of the Oscar Awards in the IT&C in South-Eastern European.

Bucharest, January 6, 2010 - SIVECO Romania's experience in computer aided education has recently received a new recognition. AeL Educational content was awarded within the Diskobolos competition the category "Production 2009".

The Diskobolos Competition, considered the "Oscar in the IT&C field in South-Eastern Europe", recognizes the best solutions for implementing information and communication technologies in almost all fields of activity. If the initial competition, launched in 1994, was organized only for ex-Yugoslav countries, the number of participants has increased every year, so that in 2009 countries like Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Albania, Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium and Romania, have also presented projects.

The awarding Gala held in Belgrade was organized by the Union of IT companies in Serbia (JISA), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and the European Council of IT Companies and several regional Chambers of Commerce and IT Associations.

The jury, composed of experts from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia and Belgium has appreciated the eContent product of SIVECO Romania as one of the most innovative IT products in Europe.

Over 3,700 interactive lessons that make up the AeL eContent virtual library are used by 7 million users in 15,000 schools worldwide.

With help of the AeL lessons, teachers can combine traditional teaching style with modern teaching methods based on using IT&C resources in order to increase student motivation.

Educational process becomes more dynamic and intuitive, driving students to experience what they learn and to apply in practice the acquired knowledge.

"We are honored by this new award which reconfirms the value of AeL interactive lessons and recommends SIVECO Romania as one of the leading providers of eLearning solutions in Europe. The reform in education is closely linked to the use of IT&C, given that in the coming years, 90% of jobs will require skills of working with computers", said Radu Jugureanu, AeL eContent Department Manager, within SIVECO Romania.