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AeL Enterprise an innovative e-learning solution for telecom companies

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bucharest, 27 September 2006 – Recently, SIVECO Romania participated as a partner at the “New Europe Telecom Frontier – IT&C The Most Challenging and Dynamic Sector” conference, event organized by Finmedia and addressed to Telecommunications and IT&C industry.

One of the industries in Romania that attracted between 2001 and 2006 the most important volume of investments, Telecommunications represent a strategic sector for the funds allocated by the European Union.

A domain very dynamic as the telecommunications domain requires specialists that must be permanently trained, rapidly and efficient. Taking into account this objectives, SIVECO Romania presented to the event participants the AeL e-learning solution, a guarantee of an European and modern training, that reduce considerably the training period.

Within the AeL Enterprise advantages can be mentioned the employees unitary training and testing, the efficiency offered to the management of human resources allocated to the training process, the supervise of trainers and employees performances, flexibility, reduces the training costs, reduces the unproductive period, interactivity and a great control on the amount of information received  by the employee within the training stage.

AeL is a complementary instrument, not a digital trainer, and it's goal is not to replace the instructor.AeL "knows" who is being trained, what the student learned, his/her grades, the parts of the course that must be repeated in order for the student to make progress, what he/she must learn next. Unlike other products, AeL offers a global view on the company's organizational structure, on the career development plan of every employee, and on his/her professional trajectory. AeL is the response for a higher company competitiveness   on the market, because the AeL solution represents the guarantee fir an efficient training “, decalres Alexandru Cosbuc-Ionescu, eLearning Account Manager within SIVECO Romania.