AeL interactive lessons package won the national stage of World Summit Award and will represent Romania to the final round in the eLearning section | SIVECO Romania

AeL interactive lessons package won the national stage of World Summit Award and will represent Romania to the final round in the eLearning section

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bucharest, June 29th 2005 - Last night, within a ceremony organized at Romanian National Art Museum, the organizers of the national stage of the eContent contest within World Summit Award (WSA) awarded the winners of the 8 sections.

The award at the most disputed section in the contest, the eLearning one, went to AeL lessons, presented as „Advanced e-Learning Objects” by SIVECO Romania, the company who developed the eLearning platform that works in all Romanian high schools.

With more than 1500 interactive lessons titles, the Advanced e-Learning Objects package comprises documentaries and multimedia presentations, experiments, virtual simulations, eLessons, lesson parts, lessons with predefined didactic strategy.

These didactic instruments are available in all Romanian high schools in the framework of IT Based Educational System (SEI) and can also be downloaded for free from, SEI project official web-site.

„The award we won today certifies once more SEI contribution to the development of information society and definition of Sustainable Education in Romania, an we are sure in Tunis it will show once more its value, as compared to similar projects rolled out in other countries. I am aware of the difficult mission the jury had, but it made the right decision, as the multimedia objects on the AeL platform are the most representative for the eContent in education in our country.
Quantity, quality, curricula coverage, variety of sources, accessibility  (online and offline) and country wide usage make us strongly believe that AeL interactive lessons package is the most legitimate eLearning representative of Romania in WSA Tunis 2005, as it has the content attribute clearly defined by didactics, methodic, generated cognitive profit, making the difference between informing and transforming”, stated Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania. 

With SEI, Romania took important steps in developing didactic content in electronic format: methodological regulation were created in order to integrate computer assisted learning into school curricula, vast public campaigns have been organized in order to centralize the educational eContent in Romania and develop new content. High school teachers, academic organizations and private companies got involved in this campaign, organizing events such as SIVECO CUP in educational software. Educational software and electronic content have their sources in existing or newly developed software.

An important issue is quality insurance from all points of view. This includes didactic quality, contribution to the reaching process, formative and informative value, meeting the applicable psycho-pedagogical principles, integration in curricula and teaching methodologies, usability, compatibility criteria and compliance with the standards, performance and stability.