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AeL Lessons - free „tutoring" for high school graduation exams

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Bucharest, June 7th 2005 - The three remaining weeks until school end can be effectively and pleasantly used for a complete overview of the curricula when you have a computer and hundreds of multimedia lessons on SEI Educational Portal at your disposal.

With no financial effort from their families, young baccalaureate candidates benefit from a powerful tool in the „last hundred meters” training round.

Parts of the curricula that haven’t been completely understood or overviewed can be easily studied through with the help of AeL lessons, which are verified and approved by specialized commissions within the Ministry of Education and Research.

Mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, history and geography lessons designed by teams made up by teachers, psycho-pedagogues, designers and experienced programmers, perfectly adapted to the curricula and intensively used in the SEI labs in schools can also be downloaded from

Many of them are developed by colleagues of those who are to take the baccalaureate exams in few days in the framework of SIVECO Cup, a milestone competition among educational software contests. 

The works of the finalists in the third edition  - that will designate its winners this weekend in Poiana Pinului –have already been posted on SEI Educational Portal.

"Using AeL lessons turns imperative learning into motivation learning. Backed up by the motivation of achieving high grades in the exams to come, this can be one of the keys to success at Baccalaureate. Many of the lessons available freely on were created by pupils, who approached those curricula areas where they had difficulties in understanding with classic learning /teaching methods”, stated Radu Jugureanu, eContent Responsible within SIVECO