AeL - once again in European eGovernment projects elite | SIVECO Romania

AeL - once again in European eGovernment projects elite

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bucharest, August 29th 2005 - After two months analysis and audit of the success stories enrolled in the "eEurope Awards for eGovernment" competition, the jury made up by European experts announced the finalists.

AeL eLearning platform developed by SIVECO Romania and submitetd for evaluation by Romanian Ministry of Education and Research was selected for the final round, which will take place in November, in Manchester.

"eEurope Awards" is meant for inovative initiatives in eGovernment and eHealth European projects. Competition main target is to promote best practices among EU member states (candidate countries included).

234 applications from 28n countries entered the contest this year. Most valuable, among which AeL eLearning platform were selected for the Gala, where the winner will be awarded the prestigious " eEurope Awards" trophy. 

Specialists from the eAward jury motivated AeL nomination for the final as it follows:

"AeL is used in numerous locations, while information provided for use and impact were consistent and relevant. In the long run, it is interesting to see how this impacts on overall educational achievements. Important learning points exist for others, and concepts and processes are transferable. This is a useful big organisation approach to education strategy, and it  will be interesting to consider whether this approach can work well in more decentralised education systems."

This year, SIVECO's expertise and profesionalism in developing eLearning projects bought the company three more recognitions: "Best Bridge over the Digital Divide" award for IT Based Educational System (SEI), National eContent A and nomination for the World Summit Award final round for the educational content included in the AeL platform, and AeL nomination for "eAward for eGovernment".

"This new European recognition for AeL in less than 1 year from the product nomination for European IST Prize is a great honour not only for us, but also for the actual and future users of the platform: students and teachers in K12 education. Favourable appreciations expressed repeatedely by European Projects is the best broof is Romanian pupils and teachers use a high quality product, competitive at international level", saya Irina Socol, SIVECO Romania General Manager.