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AEL - representative project in Romanian stand at the world summit for information society

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Bucharest, 16th December - At the World Summit for Information Society - WSIS - recently organized at Geneva, SIVECO Romania was present in Romanian stand with AEL educational platform.

Developed by SIVECO Romania within the program for undergraduate educational system computerization and installed in all 1 220 high-schools in the program, the system was on of the five projects representative for the Romanian level in terms in Information Society.

The event was attended by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology delegation led by Minister Dan Nica, government officials, as well as Romanian IT&C companies and press. Romanian president Ion Iliescu led Romanian delegation.

AEL platform capabilities were presented to delegations which arrived from all over the world, among which Lucio Stanca, Italian Minister for Innovation and Technology, Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Information Society, Wang Xudong, Information Ministry in China, World Bank directors.

Both AEL platform, which reached he 4th version and the presented educational materials, among which interactive lessons developed by high-school students together with their students, awarded during the first edition of SIVECO CUP National Educational Software, were highly appreciated by the visitors.

"As during other international events, among which World Educational Market (Lisbon), EDUCA 2003 (Berlin), AEL platform quality confirms SIVECO Romania specialists professionalism and focuses on the trend to increase software producers role in Eastern Europe on the international markets and Romanian competitive abilities in the field", declares Alexandru Rădăşanu, R&D Vice-president and Romanian delegation member at WSIS.

About SEI

Computerized Educational System (SEI) was initiated by the group for Promoting the Information Technology promotion in spring 2001.

SEI program for the educational system reform supports all the objectives of this reform, being in accordance with European Community e-Europe strategy. It is as well integrated in the European e-Learning initiative.

SEI program is a complex one, involving many human and material resources.

About AEL

AEL (Educational Assistant for Schools and High-schools) is an integrated system assisting students, teachers and all the participants at the learning process developed by SIVECO Romania and constitutes the axis of the software applications in the information program of the Romanian schools.

Started in 2001, the program promotes in Romania educational methods aligned to the European standards.

The AEL system is built up based on modern educational methods, which conform to the three stages generally defining the educational process: obtaining basic knowledge, developing the tactical and strategic thinking.

The didactical support offered for teaching includes tutorials, exercises, simulations, problem solving and educative games. The system has on an electronic center of information based on manuals in electronic form and with a content, which exceeds the usual text presentation. It contains as well other materials, in different forms of presentation, including a variety of multimedia content (video demonstrations, step-by-step presentations, animations). The knowledge base offers search functions by key words, templates, areas of interest.

The system provides as well facilities in the field of student appraisal and assistance for management and performance monitoring at school and even teacher level.

About WSIS

The World Summit for Information Society, organized by the United Nations in association with the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva, reunites almost 13 000 participants in 174 states, 75 international organizations and United Nations agencies, over 4800 de NGOs. The next stage will take place in Tunisia in 2005. Romanian hosted as well, in 2002, the regional conference for Europe and North America in order to prepare the Geneva summit. The corresponding site can be accessed at

Romanian reprezentatives brought important contributions within the debates held during the Summit, as well as at the Regional Conference that took place in Bucharest. The Romanian youths’ points of view were included in the Principle Statement for Information Society. Adrian Pintilie, the President of the European Student Asociation (AEGEE), and Tudor Maxim, from ELSA, represented Romania being members in the Romanian’ delegation at the Summit. More information about you can find at