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AeL, the Romanian eLearning solution will be used by Tunisian pupils and teachers

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tunisian students and teachers will use AeL interactive lessons.

Bucharest, 13th of July 2009 - Tunisian teachers and high school pupils will benefit in the 2009-2010 school year of new methods for learning based on the latest information technologies. The cooperation memorandum between SIVECO Romania and the Ministry of Education and Training, regarding the implementation in the Tunisian educational system of a national eLearning program, was recently signed in a high level meeting. The document was signed by the Tunisian Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Hatem Ben Salem and the Romanian Minister for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Commerce and Business Affairs, Mr. Constantin Nita.

Considered by the Tunisian Minister of Education and Training as one of the most important five companies that develop IT education projects worldwide, SIVECO Romania will initiate at the beginning of the next school year, two pilot projects in pre-university education institutions.

"By the signing of this memorandum, SIVECO Romania has received additional validation for the extensive expertise acquired in developing specific solutions and implementing major educational projects. I wish to reaffirm our commitment to engage in projects that focus on the development of new IT&C solutions capable to support the efficiency of the educational system in Tunisia", said Florian Ciolacu, Vice-President, International Accounts and Partners, SIVECO Romania.

The first pilot project will focus on the development of digital educational content mapped on the Tunisian curricula, for the following subjects: physics, chemistry, biology and IT science, for the first year of high school. Training sessions addressed to teachers will be organized within the project to ensure an optimal level of knowledge and improve the teaching and learning process as well as the use of IT&C resources in class.

The second pilot project will focus on the implementation of modern solutions for the management of educational institutions. The National Education Database (NED) is a complete solution for managing the educational system that supports the decision making, evaluation, planning and forecasting at national level and AeL ASM is an IT solution that centralizes information at school level, helping this way the local decision makers.

The long term strategy developed by the Tunisian Ministry of Education and Training is based on an integrated approach and aims at supporting the creative use of the new information technologies in education. A special emphasis will be on pedagogy as an essential element in the modernization of the teaching/learning process, while the main beneficiaries of this project will be both the pupils and teachers from the pre-university educational system.

eLearning solutions and digital lessons bring added value for the educational systems that face profound changes, in order to adapt to the information society. The extensive international projects implemented and the awards received in time, confirm SIVECO Romania as a valuable provider of strategic models and solutions for a successful "digital" reform in education, worldwide.