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Aerostar Bacau choose SIVECO Applications as the optimal solution for its management requirements and objectives

Monday, November 1, 2004

Bucharest, November 1, 2004 – With a history that began 50 years ago, Aerostar Bacau is one of the most representative companies of the aeronautic industry, for aeronautic constructions, maintenance and military aircrafts modernizations and defensive systems.

Like any organization aware of the continuous development of the economy and competition, also the need for international approach, the company considered manadatory to implement an integrated information system, choosing SIVECO Applications.

When the solution provider was chosen, there were a series of requirements that had to be met: open system, completely integrated, de dedicate to business running and in respect with the legal frame for information technology products.  Also, to use relational databases that allows large data volumes handling and ensures data security and recovery in case of incidents.

The main activities deployed by Aerostar are in aeronautic constructions, maintenance and defensive systems. Its activity extends to a wide range of products for civil aviation and derived services.

By the implemented components, the Integrated Information System covers the entire activity of Aerostar:

  • Financial-Accounting Management
  • Cost-Controlling
  • Fixed Assets and Inventory Object Management
  • Repairs, Service and Investments Management
  • Inventory and Procurement Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Budgets Management
  • Human Resources and Payroll Management
  • Management Information System (SIVECO Business Analyzer)
  • Production Management

The core of the implementation is the Production Management, designed for highly technologically developed companies, streamlining preparation, planning, launching, monitoring and controlling production processes.

In order to increase the company’s efficiency, for Aerostar the answer was the integration with applications external to SIVECO Applications of PLM type (Product Data Management).  The importance of the Production Management Component integration with MPM – Matrix Product Manager (PLM type application) is proven by its contribution to:

  • Increasing work productivity in designing technological structures
  • Reducing and monitoring production costs for their optimization
  • Monitoring organizational structures components performance
  • Monitoring production processes

Using the Production Management Component significantly contributed to:

  • Creating premises for maximal profitability for the production processes;
  • Planning the optimal use of the resources and processes based on predictions and market demands;
  • Increasing efficiency of the real processes and beneficiaries satisfaction.

The advantages of implementing the SIVECO Applications integrated solution to Aerostar are real-time information based on correlated data, which allows fast decisions, especially in critical situations related to production processes.  It offers the possibility to monitor the financial statements, productivity, production related tasks and each production and derived services department’s efficiency.