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Aker Tulcea implemented successfully the Document Management and Work Flow System SIVADOC

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aker Tulcea finished successfully the implementation of document management and work flow system SIVADOC, developed by SIVECO Romania. The received feedback and the results of the activities performed up to the moment confirm the success and prospects of a very good cooperation between the two companies in the future.

In order to make the administrative activities and the production more efficient, shipyard Aker Tulcea decided to implement a specialized system for managing documents and work flows. The solution required by the beneficiary had to provide the necessary support to manage both the unitary unstructured documents as well as the documentation of their specific activity.

The solution that best answered the requests made by the team management of Aker Tulcea Shipyard proved to be the management of documents and work flows developed by the company SIVADOC SIVECO Romania. The success of the project implementation was largely due to the excellent cooperation between the two project teams as well as to the complete/detailed understanding by the SIVECO Romania specialists of the specific business of the shipyard and of the interaction of its organizational structures. 

"The concept the product SIVADOC developed by SIVECO Romania is based on is that information, recorded and stored in any form, can be found and reused, and this leads to the use of real-time information as decision making support. In fact, SIVADOC has been designed from the very beginning to meet the requirements of electronically recording, storing, finding and using the information within the company. Thus, the beneficiary organization gains efficiency and, more directly, an important competitive advantage on the market,"stated Ionut Arsene, Project Manager, SIVECO Romania.

SIVADOC allows fast, easy and accurate control, organization, access and publication of documents and information which are vital on the site of Aker Tulcea Shipyard. The system provides users with real accurate, complete and integrated information concerning the current  activity of the departments.

The implementation of the SIVADOC system on the site of the Aker Tulcea Shipyard led to the improvement of some of its own working procedures but also to numerous other benefits, including: reducing the necessary time for documents finding, centralized management of documents and work flows, improving employee collaboration, dissemination, inside the company, of documents of general interest, improving security by controlling access to documents etc.

"The very good cooperation between SIVECO Romania and Aker Tulcea Shipyard resulted in the successful implementation of the system of document management and work flow SIVADOC, with the beneficial effects of visible improvements in the activity of the recipient. We are confident in the value of this project, which we consider a case of success and an example for the other Naval Shipyards and for the numerous manufacturing companies activating in the Romanian industry ", added Ionut Arsene.