All the participants in the first SIVECO CUP edition can be considered winners | SIVECO Romania

All the participants in the first SIVECO CUP edition can be considered winners

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Bucharest, 10th June 2003 - The final of SIVECO CUP for educational soft took place between 6th - 8thJune at Poiana Braşov. The 15 finalist teams, which came from high schools and national colleges in Bucharest, Ploieşti, Piteşti, Iaşi, Rădăuţi, Satu Mare, Oradea, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Vălenii de Munte, Timişoara presented their projects during the first two days of the competition.

The prizes were awarded on Sunday, 8th June, in the presence of Ecaterina Andronescu, Ministry of Education and Research, Traian Ionescu, manager of the Computerized Educational System program and Brasov Prefect.

Cantemir Voda National College team (the only entirely feminine team), made up of  Florentina Mocrienco and Teodora Negrilă, teachers and Andreea Neagu, Ana Maria Roşioară and Adriana Cocic, students, who created an integrated package of informatics and chemistry lessons, won the competition. The great award consists in the fact that SIVECO Romania will sponsor the winning team for their participation in EDUCA, the most important yearly exhibition of educational products, which will take place at Berlin.

On the second place a team from Grigore Moisil Informatics High-School in Iasi is to be found at little distance from the winner. The team was made up of Magda BELTA and Cornelia IVASC, teachers and Florin CHELARU, Corneliu SEREDIUC and Radu GROSULEAC, students.

The teams placed on the first two positions received a prize from MEC, consisting in a trip abroad together with the Romanian Olympic team.

The team from Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi National College in Radauti, made up of Ion Bobâlcă, teacher and his son, Iulian Bobâlcă, student, was placed on the third position.

The teams on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions also received a printer as a prize.

All the finalists received SIVECO diplomas and trophies, three-month subscriptions at PC Magazine review as well as a "surprise" award announced by Ecaterina Andronescu, that is the right to participate for free in a camp organized by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Four students from the 15 finalist teams celebrated, between 5th - 9thJune, their 17th or 18th anniversaries and were declared the "SIVECO Cup children", receiving gifts and being celebrated by all the participants.

The discussions forum dedicated to the competition on became extremely animated before the final and turned into a virtual environment where the friendships from Poiana Brasov continued as well after the contest. The great enthusiasm of these discussions is a living proof that the first edition of the contest was a genuine success.

Moreover, the impressions after the contest turned into wonderful initiatives, reflecting the brighteness of these young spirits - one of the participants already created an "unofficial forum" of the contest, so that the participants can exchange opinions, photos from the contest and discuss about the works selected for the final. 


Organized by SIVECO Romania in association with the Ministry of Education and Research and  PC Magazine, the national educational software contest "SIVECO CUP" represents a premiere from many points of view.

This is the first scholar competition where the jury commission has a tutor part - in other words, it takes part in correcting the accomplishment strategies of the competitors without modifying the points they have obtained.

What is absolutely new about the "SIVECO CUP" is that it has a real end: all the valuable products presented during the competition, no matter the position in the final classification, will be included in the undergraduate education training program.

Dedicated to the gifted pupils with skills in implementing educational informatics applications, as well as to the teachers creating innovative  ways of learning, the contest is considered extremely interesting. For more details about the contest and its rules you can visit