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The almost 40.000 users of SEI Educational portal are turning into a strong virtual community

Friday, November 26, 2004

            Bucharest, November 29th 2004 –The SEI portal has been for more than 3 years the most active Romanian virtual communication environment on educational topics. Its popularity is mainly due to the almost 40,000 users who have contributed essentially to the build up and consolidation of a strong virtual community.

In time, the users of expressed a series of requests and needs on the forum hosted by the portal, which led to a new version of it. 

SEI Portal benefits from additional features, meant to ease the communication process and make it more pleasant: new sections (News, Events, Educational Content, Activities), the possibility to add comments on the media coverage, integration with SEI forum (joint users base, SingleSignOn, links to the latest forum posts), use of a more rapid and stable platform, English language content.

 Together with the new version, SEI portal brings an absolute novelty to Romania: the possibility to view and download interactive lessons packages by all those interested. The packages are archived in two formats: SCORM compliant (for integration with AEL) and ZIP (the packages can be opened and used independently from AEL).

Thus, teachers have at their disposal a new tool for educational content search, and pupils can access parts of the lessons they are interested in from their home PCs, where they don’t have the AEL platform.

This initiative is aimed to sustain the raising interest in computer assisted learning, to strengthen the community of those already using AEL with the educational content from its database. This way, the teachers and pupils from the schools who haven’t implemented AEL yet will get familiar with the basic notions and understand the trend of the Romanian education in the third millennium.

“This way, pupils from the entire country, regardless of their parents’ social position and the region they are coming from have access to modern didactic materials, in perfect compliance with the school curricula, greatly covering their educational needs. The most important thing is that access to modern educational tools doesn’t involve any financial effort from parents and teachers: they were distributed in schools within SEI and can be accessed by anyone in the IT lab”, says Traian Ionescu, SEI Program Manager.