Are you looking for a business management program? Here’s what you should know. | SIVECO Romania

Are you looking for a business management program? Here’s what you should know.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) helps you support the development of your business

Implementation of an ERP system is a process that brings great benefits. Since its selection requires a thorough analysis, our specialists at SIVECO advise you on what to pay attention when you decide to purchase an ERP system.

"The selection of an integrated information system is a strategic process that impacts your organization therefore must be given full attention", says Lacramioara Barseti, SIVECO Applications Department Manager, SIVECO Romania.

Organizations that decide to purchase an ERP system are advised to consider several aspects:

Identify your business needs and the ERP system that can cover them

The ERP system should fit your company's needs perfectly. It should cover all activities of the company, starting with your type of business, number of employees and to business flows. If the choice is not done correctly, problems arise. Define proper requirements is the first step that must be taken into account. Therefore, it is necessary not only the involvement of managers, but also all the processes implementation responsible.

Check with your industry standard

The solution you choose must be compatible with your business requirements, but also must to offer the possibility of expanding through other modules or functionalities, in order to meet future needs generated by business growth.

Adapt your solution to the legal requirements of your country

The solution you select should be designed from the outset to take into account the requirements (legal, financial, accounting, management etc.) to which the company must respond daily.

Get the right information

The decision should not be made before you see the system at work. To be sure of your choice, the product demonstration should be included as a mandatory step in the selection process, in order to see the product at its full capacity.

Choose the best ERP on the market

Choosing an ERP system should be regarded as a business decision, not a decision of the IT department. Thus, the process must involve all stakeholders within an organization to ensure that the product meets the essential elements required for the success of the company.

Make sure that the system will be used

Resistance to change is the enemy of any organization. The rejection of the ERP system, for various reasons, such as: "I do not know / I don’t have time for training / it was better before / I'm afraid to lose my job because I have fewer tasks", the lack of communication and the lack of management support postpones the benefits that should be provided by an information system.