Are you looking for a permanent control over your employees’ performances? Are you interested about the simulation of the salary adjustments? Are you concerned about increasing efficiency in the Human Resources department? | SIVECO Romania

Are you looking for a permanent control over your employees’ performances? Are you interested about the simulation of the salary adjustments? Are you concerned about increasing efficiency in the Human Resources department?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bucharest, 11th of September 2007 –  Every organization’s success depends of the importance given to the human resources and to the performances of the HR department. Important companies from various economical sectors depend on powerful, dynamic, well managed and motivated teams.

Adaptation processes to the international business environment as well as the relatively intense phenomenon of human resources fluctuation impose a more and more acute demand for professional IT solutions.

Modern organizations search for a total, permanent and real time control over their resources and internal processes. More the system covers a larger area of activities; more there can be assured an efficient management of the business. This signifies taking advantages of the opportunities offered by the market, strategic orientation in the business environment, optimal planning of resources and reaching the targeted results.

The integrated information system SIVECO Applications 2010 is formed by components that entirely and automatically manage the main workflows inside the organization, assuring the complete business control. 

As an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product, the system assures as well a maximum of flexibility to the beneficiary’s requirements, including the functionalities imposed by the European Union.

SIVECO Romania developed two solutions, perfectly adapted to the current legislation, in order to assure the Human Resources and Payroll Management.  


The Human Resources Management, as a component of the SIVECO Applications system, is structured on functional modules that manage the development and follow-up cycle of the human resources inside the company.  This application offers large flexibility in operating specific functionalities of a certain company, its modules being already verified through successful implementations in various economical sectors.

By implementing the Human Resource Management component, there can be kept a strict evidence of all the processes an employee passes by, beginning with recruiting, training, promoting and evaluation processes. Based on indicators and statistics, the qualification level of the employees - through the individual carrier development plans, as well as the specializations at general level inside the company are expressed.

Human Resources Management component is realized in order to allow:

  • Personnel selection and recruitment;
  • Employees’ evidence, with numerous personal and professional details;
  • Training activities per employees;
  • Individual career follow-up; development of a methodology referring to the employees’ evaluation on qualitative and quantitative grounds;
  • Statistical review of various indicators. 


The Payroll Management component automatically manage the business process, both financially as well as operationally, offering the IT support for financial analysis, predictions and decision making referring to salary rights for the company’s employees.

Using the Payroll Management solution within the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2010, the employees gain the certainty that HR Department activates based on a safety and fair system that takes into account all the efficiency and productivity factors.

Due to its large addressability, the Payroll Management offers great flexibility, both for choosing the calculation algorithm for a certain company, as well as for the necessary adaptation to the Romanian legislation changes. The users have the possibility to generate all the reports required by law and necessary for deploying an organized and secure activity in good terms.

All the information that may be of interest referring to the employees is managed in an integrated manner, reducing the calculation time for salary rights. “What if” simulations are possible, regarding the salary budget’s evolution and the paid taxes of the company.

“The necessity for aligning to the European standards and the evolution of the Romanian human resources market impose the parallel development of the dedicated IT solutions. The team, the organization human resources are one of the main assets inside the company. Covering these aspects, the Payroll and Human Resources Management components gained the trust of one of the most important organizations in the Romanian economy. We appreciate that, more and more, our software sustains the local companies to reach greater performances on the European Union market”, declares Gabriela Ichim, Product Manager at SIVECO Romania.