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Are you managing an auto fleet? We can help you to improve your activity

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The solution for the auto fleet management, developed by SIVECO Romania, provides competitive advantages and contributes to your business growth

Delays with cars’ inspection? Unexpected expenses with repairs? You have too high costs with fuel? All these are usual problems of auto fleet’s managers. In order to meet their demands, SIVECO specialists have carried out the solution for Auto Fleet Management.

This contains the following components: Financial- Accounting Management, Fixed Assets and Inventory Objects Management, Cost Control Management, Human Resources and Payroll Management, Investments Management, Stocks Management, Sales Management, Maintenance Management, Transports Management, Contracts Management, Dash Board, Budgets Management, Cash Flow Management.

Each of these components provides advantages leading to a better organization of activity, to costs reduction and to improvement of suppliers - customer’s relationship. For example, through the Transports Management Component is highlighted the consumption per each means of transport, one can obtain situations on the efficiency of each means of transportation, the routes taken, staff involved, the works for which it has performed the route/drives.

The Maintenance Management Component ensures the logistical management of all installations and equipments, full automation of final prices to customers, possibility for specifying the technical characteristics defining a car and obtaining reporting grouped by these specifications, the possibility of attaching for a car only of the components and operations necessary in the process for defects’ repair, defining specific activities, per types of activities, to which one can associated the necessary for human resources and spare parts, time planning of activities and maintenance-repair services, automatic creation of work orders corresponding to the planned activities, keeping a history of activities and services delivered etc.

The Procurement Management Component provides full information for optimizing the procurement orders. Based on them one performs the stock entries (in the Stocks Management component), an operation easy to be carried out taking into account that by simply selecting the procurement, all the information referring to supplier, articles, quantities and prices are automatically taken over by the system.

SIVECO has a valuable expertise in implementing IT-based applications dedicated to the automotive field. Thus, SIVECO has provided to the company Meridian Business Group (which is part of the group Dacia-Renault) the information system SIVECO Applications 2020.

"Implementation of the system has contributed to streamlining and coherence of company Meridian Business Group’s activity, imposed by the application’s integration, increasing the coherence and correctness of data received, processed and sent. The work load dedicated to carrying out the accounting records and to issuing the documents were significantly reduced. Moreover, the costs control was improved, which has lead to reducing the non-productive expenditure and taking efficient measures in due time”, has declared Lacramioara Barseti, manager of SIVECO Applications Department.