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Are you satisfied with the water supply services?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A national portal will measured customer satisfaction to improve management of water services operators.

Bucharest, December 9th, 2009 - The quality of water consumed will be closely monitored. A national web portal will provide online access to specific information and will measure the customer satisfaction of water supply services-and sewage treatment plants.

The objective A-PORT research project, coordinated by SIVECO Romania, is to improve the management of water services operators. The project offers an innovative solution allowing to obtain consumers' feed-back and taking the best decisions for them.

Public water and wastewater treatment services are governed by rules and objective indicators. But since these services are provided by various operators, there are not always mechanisms for measuring consumer satisfaction, according to the quality management standards. Failure to follow these standards has negative consequences for the population.

The Project A-PORT provides not only an analysis of complaints and information received from consumers, but also the analysis of data obtained from operators (through complementary initiatives, for example, which will determine the evolution in time of the quality of service provided. In addition, by corroborating data from these two sources, the authorities will be able to make forecasts on the short, medium and long term.

For the information received from consumers to be objective and for increasing the accuracy of the study, a questionnaire system is developed with control questions to allow filtering influences (political, conjectural etc.) which may distort the information. Currently, in the prototype stage, a preliminary questionnaire is publicly available at:

The partners in this project are the Romanian Water Association (ARA), Christian University "Dimitrie Cantemir" (UCDC), while the Contracting Authority is the National Center for Programs Management (the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation), under the contract no. 11-071/18.09.2007. Duration of the project development is 18.09.2007-17.09.2010.

You may find more information on the project website: