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Aversa SA considers SIVECO Applications to be the optimum solution for its business

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bucuresti, 20 Ianuarie 2006 – Understanding the advantages of implementing and integrated package for streamlining its activities and raise its profitability, Aversa SA management considered SIVECO Apllications to be the optimum solution for its business.

Aversa SA Bucuresti it is the main producer of centrifugal pumps and compressors in South-Eastern Europe, with a tradition of over 100 years.

A complex and mature product, whose value has been confirmed by numerous successful implementations, SIVECO Applications Integrated Package encloses modules which solve the main problems of each medium and large corporation: economic management, automation of data flow, consistency and data coherence, quick search and report of information, redesign the information flow.

Every process within an organization is managed by a dedicated component, thus enabling data complex integration, unique and accurate data. The data is stored in a single Oracle database, being available at any time for analysis, reports, and statistics. Implementing SIVECO Applications Integrated Package will bring lots of benefits to Aversa SA significantly contributing to streamlining activity, increase data coherence and accuracy, optimize data processing, the management can have quick access to critical information for decision-making, increase data security, a better control at internal financial level, the management is offered a way to analyze the current conditions and business trends.

"The solution bought by Aversa SA is based upon the results of a long experience accumulated by SIVECO Romania in the field of providing and implementing Integrated Information Systems for beneficiaries from various activity domains.
It is a product perfectly adapted to the national and international market needs, that is why we are convinced that their choice was very well inspired. We thank them for their trust and we are happy to have them as our clients
” declares Sorin Dimofte, Manager Direct Sales and Consultancy Department within SIVECO Romania.