Bacău economic grow up draws the IT companies attention | SIVECO Romania

Bacău economic grow up draws the IT companies attention

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bucharest, February 22nd – Organized by the AGORA Media Group and the local City Hall, the first edition out of a series of SolePAD events (Effective Solutions for sustainable business took place in Bacau, in order to bring face to face technology  suppliers and potential beneficiaries, for real business results.

Local authorities took part in the event – the Mayor Romeo Stavarache, the President of the County Council Dragoş Benea, the Governor Gabriel Berca, the President of the Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chamber Doru Simovici, representatives of the main companies acting in the IT&C field, local organizations.

The economic development and the local community interest in making their businesses profitable represented key issues in choosing Bacau as the first stop for the SolePAD series of events.

The first section of the event, held on the 21st of February was dedicated to meeting the Bacau academic environment. The presence of the EAS market leader in Bacau draw the attention of the Technical Academy students, as they saw SIVECO Moldova as a potential employer.

Actually, their meeting the SIVECO’s representatives was a good opportunity of getting info about how to build a career in IT in general and in SIVECO in particular.

Also present on the 22nd, in the second part of the event, dedicated to IT solution for Business, SIVECO România definitely proved that the local market has an extremely high economic potential.

„The percentage of Moldavian companies in our clients portfolio and the local economic development pace made us establish SIVECO Moldavia, a subsidiary of SIVECO Romania managing our business relationships on this market”, states Sorin Dimofte, Direct Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.

At SolePAD Bacau, Mrs. Cristina Chirvasie, the General Manager of SIVECO Moldavia was officially introduced to the local business community.