“Be intelligent, DON’T be violent!” campaign was broadcasted on TVR 1, to the „Prim Plan” TV show | SIVECO Romania

“Be intelligent, DON’T be violent!” campaign was broadcasted on TVR 1, to the „Prim Plan” TV show

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bucharest, April 27, 2006. The „Prim Plan” TV show broadcasted live in prime time, Monday through Thursday, on the national TV channel, is hosted by a highly appreciated journalist, Dan Turturică, who is also the editor-in-chief of „Prezent” weekly magazine. Last week, the TV show brought together the Bucharest School Inspectorate through Mihaela Florescu – deputy general, SIVECO Romania SA through Irina Socol – General Manager and the General Board of Bucharest Police through Marian Tuţilescu – Assistant Chief Constable.   

The guests engaged in a formal discussion on issues relating to schools violence, such as dealing with the problem and identifying means to decrease the phenomenon. The speakers assent to the idea that the phenomenon may be considered isolated and excessively amplified through media, and by involving well-known personalities such as Leonard Doroftei, Adelin Petrişor sau Ştefan Iordache represents a positive message that serves as a powerful mean of awareness.

Irina Socol, the General Manager of SIVECO Romania has stated that due to its nature of business, SIVECO Romania has a great insight into the Romanian educational process and is constantly trying to be more than a high quality software solution provider, but a responsible member of the community life. 

The decision to support financially the “Be intelligent, DON’T be violent!” campaign is part of our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We aim to do more than public awareness on such an important issue for our society. We want to bring together personalities who can take a stand against violence proliferation in schools.”, declared Irina Socol. 

An important part of this campaign is the contest called “The Intelligence Olympics” which targets students (classes I-XII) from 280 schools in Bucharest.      

The aim of this contest is to discover and promote young talents, to enhance students’ creativity, inventiveness and teamwork.  The contest has 6 different sections, all very appealing to students: Photography, Modelling/ Inventics, Advertising, Journalism, Clothing Design and Literature (poetry & prose). Teachers are also encouraged to participate in the contest, by submitting projects to a section exclusively dedicated to them: “Schools Violence - prevention and intervention”. 

By the end of June 2006, all winning projects will be awarded with outstanding prizes worth a total of 10.000 euros. The organizers recently announced that more than half of the targeted students and teachers enrolled, at present being submitted around 1.500 concept papers.  

The General Manager of SIVECO Romania emphasized: “The huge number of submitted projects indicated that the campaign was a major success among students, as well as teachers, and confirms the impact that the computer aided education has on youths’ development and education. A young student who has a keen interest in technology is less likely to use violence as a mean to express himself”.

It is widely known that during 2001, The Ministry of Education and Research has initiated a national-wide program to implement the IT Based Educational System  (SEI) into the undergraduate learning process. The program was carried out by SIVECO Romania in partnership with HP and IBM, has currently reached the 4th phase and has over 3 million users in 4000 schools.