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BEACONING, a European research & innovation project promoting learning through games

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Children are born nowadays with digital instincts, being almost all the time present in the online communities as well as on the social networks

Due to their early and extensive access to technology, nowadays children, think and process the information in a much different way compared to previous generations. As a result, the teachers, considered by sociologists as “digital immigrants”, adjustment to the ‘language and learning style of the “digital natives” is a must nowadays.

Launched in January 2016, within Horizon 2020 program, the research & innovation project BEACONING (Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualized, Pervasive and Gameful Learning)meets this reality, supporting the pupils’ educational process with top-notch technologies, meant to prepare them for a more and more digitized future.

BEACONING transforms the learning process into a pleasant, interesting and useful activity, by using the most innovative technological systems - “context-aware” (systems adjusting to the context in which they are used) and gamification (translating a common learning context into a situation similar to a game). These make Problem-Based Learning possible.

The project’s consortium is formed of the following organizations: Coventry University (UK), Heriot-Watt University (UK), BIBA - Bremer Institut Für Produktion Und Logistik Gmbh (Germany), Inesc Tec (Portugal), Universidad Complutense De Madrid (Spain), Ort France (France), Succubus Interactive Sarl (France), Advanced Technology Systems (Romania), Imaginary (Italy), Geomotion Games Sl (Spain), Ifinity Spolka Z Organiczona Odpowiedzialnoscia (Poland), Playsoft (France), Sebit Egitim Ve Bilgi Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi (Turkey), Hands Free Computing Limited (UK) and SIVECO Romania.

Each of the 15 consortium partner have own expertise and technologies, both in the field of education and in gaming, too. 

Into the educational platform developed within the project are integrated educational games, tools for lessons creation, devices of "beacons" type, etc., made available to the target group.

The project’s results will be tested within 5 large scale pilot projects, implemented in five countries (France, Israel, Greece, Turkey and Romania) and will involve 5,000 teachers, parents and pupils.

SIVECO will coordinate the pilot project in Romania starting this autumn and in which will be involved 30 users out of the 750 registered (13 high schools, one NGO, 488 students, 190 parents and 72 teachers). The key requirements for implementing the pilot project will be analyzed , including the content, the learners’ specific needs, the lessons plans, etc. SIVECO’s pilot is focused especially on managing learning which allows for testing and checking results previously identified.

Also, SIVECO will develop 3 mini-games - Drag it, Match it and Millionaire Quiz – while the users will have to create the games content by using mobile devices/ desktop and by means of sensors integrates contextual information into the real world. This way, they will adjust and create new local challenges and experiences.

SIVECO Romania’s selection for this project is due to the experience the company has gathered in developing complex educational projects, its capacity to implement state of the art technologies (augmented reality, interactive multi-sensorial content) and multicultural content (in English, French, Greek and Russian languages, etc), as well as to the excellent references received in major international projects in Cyprus, Malta, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan”, states  Monica Florea, manager of department  for research & development projects within SIVECO Romania.

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