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SIVECO Applications 2020 reduces the company's administration costs

Friday, March 29, 2013
The system contributes to increasing the productivity and profitability of companies from all economic sectors

Best in Biz

Having a high degree of customization and designed according to the latest standards, SIVECO Applications 2020 covers through the dedicated components and functionalities all the business processes specific to customers from various verticals: production, commerce, utilities, energy, oil & gas, transports, banking and constructions.

SIVECO Applications 2020 ensures the resources management at the level of the entire company, automation of data flows, and redesigning of the information flows, data consistency and coherence, as well as quick retrieval and reporting of information. All of these translate into cost reduction through optimizing of the processing time, reducing the volume of manual labor and optimization of the documents flows, as well as through increasing the efficiency of the operations specific to the production, distribution, sales, payroll or financial- accounting activities, respectively.

By using the system the volume of manual labor necessary to carrying out the financial - accounting records is reduced by 25%, while 2.000 labor hours are saved through the automatic generation of reports, the equivalent of the total number of labor of a person/ per year.

By mans of the system SIVECO Applications 2020 the companies can optimize the inventory management activity, succeeding in reducing by over 60% the overstock, the slow stock or the unused stock.

On the other hand, the integrated system contains components dedicated to the utility provider companies, such as the Billing Management, which has the capacity to manage hundreds of thousands of invoices and meters readings. With the help of this component, the companies are reducing the time necessary for invoices calculation by over 75%.

For the traders, the system provides components through which the costs necessary for the accounting records on the commercial operations are reduced by 20% and the labor volume necessary for managing the customers’ orders by over 70%.

The advantages of using the system are appreciated at international level in numerous competitions, such as Best in Biz EMEA, which has acknowledged SIVECO Applications 2020 as one of the most performing and innovative business solutions in Europe, Middle East and Asia.