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For better management and control, Com Auto Meridian chooses the integrated information system SIVECO Applications

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bucharest, Februarie 22, 2005 –  The SIVECO Romania’s client portfolio continues to enrich with more private companies. The most recent contract had been signed with COM AUTO MERIDIAN, Dacia dealer for auto sales and service.

The organization decided to acquire the integrated information system SIVECO Applications, for optimizing and better management of the resources used in the business processes, especially for those related to contracts, procurement processes and stock evidence.

The integrated package SIVECO Applications comprises management components that follow the business processes, and the new SIVECO Romania’s client choose applications that fit its business: Financial-Accounting, Stocks, Procurement, Contracts, Payroll, Service, SIVECO Business Analyzer.

Gathering 12 years of experience in development and implementation, the information solution SIVECO Applications developed progressively, based on its beneficiaries’ requirements, dealing successfully with the rapid and drastic legal and technological changes on the Romanian and international markets.

The integrated feature of the packages’ components is given by the unitary conception used for their development, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, the development environment and the database server, Oracle. The user benefits from the same graphic interface, working styles, information objects. Also the data security is treated the same, as the access rights can be set as detailed as possible.

The Contract Management Component addresses companies that run large volumes of contracts. The contracts can be simple or have branching structure, regardless the levels. The contractual steps unfurl successively or in parallel. Beside the basic information (contract data, locality, period of availability, client/provider, contract responsible etc.), this application manages the articles contained in the contract, services, deadlines etc., and these options are activated according to each company’s activity.

 The Stock Management Component manages the stocks and warehouses, all the operations that change the stocks in the warehouses, providing the possibility to work with correct data, in real time. This component solves the following problems:

  • Stocks quantities, detailed down to the location level;
  • Automated control of stocks levels;
  • Stock entries data management;
  • Stocks overview for determined periods of time;
  • Rapid information about a specific article;
  • The possibility to set the parameters for the component’s modules: reception, reservation, transfer and adjustments. Afterwards, the modules will model the process area according to the client’s specifications.

With the Procurement Management Component, the parameter settings allow rules and basic convention definition specific for the module that manages the procurement operations:

  • Values for orders authorization and validation, mandatory operations;
  • Currency codes and exchange rates;
  • The relationship with the provider can be set: the maximal number of days for delayed deliveries or the maximal number of days for deliveries in advance.

The Management Information System, SIVECO Business Analyzer, acts like an integrator for the system’s information, and it main advantages are:

  • Supports the decision process in planning monitoring, controlling and forecast activities;
  • Information support for adopting cost controlling strategies and profit growth sources;
  • Synthesis, coherent, consistent and real-time information;
  • Graphic or spreadsheet form analysis, easy to manage and customize.

The analysis this product provides can be customized according to client’s criteria.

In 2003, according to the IDC study, SIVECO Applications recorded the largest market share on the EAS market and is leader on the Romanian services market.  SIVECO Romania has 30.9% market share on the business information solutions market, three-times the 2002 market share, ahead international leaders present on the Romanian EAS solutions.