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Why should you choose a billing system in Cloud?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Does your company emit a great number of invoices? With SIVECO utilities billing management application you can manage financial operations and cut expenditures

A new application developed by SIVECO specialists supports utility companies that administrate a large volume of data. The management of billing for utilities in cloud ensures the efficiency of financial operations and cuts beneficiary’s costs with entire system management (software and hardware).

Based on a subscription the entire management system is assigned to application’s provider which means new updates installing, back-up operations, space management. Subscriptions are flexible and can be modified monthly according to the evolution of beneficiaries’ clients (gas, water, energy companies).

The application is accessible anytime, from any location and on any device connected to the Internet - PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. The user finds information easily, gets the results in any desired layout and makes the right decision at the right time.

With the new technology, utility companies have all information secured by dedicated information security specialists. Otherwise, this task is assigned to beneficiary’s employees whom administrate the classic IT systems.

The component for management of billing for utilities in cloud ensures daily updating of data base regarding consumption, subscribers’ inventory based on used utilities and consumption location with rates and measurement details, the planning of meter reading periods. The access to IT accountancy archive regarding issued invoices is made in real time. Furthermore, the complaints inventory and resolutions provides a transparent communication with clients.

”Billing Management solutions can be implemented "on premises" or in cloud (SaaS - Software as a Service). With SIVECO Applications 2020 in cloud, company’s data are managed from single point ("cloud") and accessed by users using a web browser. Data protection is ensured by powerful IT programs based on profile and access permission system”, said Ștefăniță Ghiță, Development Director, SIVECO Applications.

Utilities billing management component is part of SIVECO Applications 2020 Project:Cloud integrated package - the solution that ensures any economic activity performance tracking. It has a scalable architecture, on many levels and contains a wide range of components: financial, acquisitions, contracting, production, stocks, sales, projects, waste management. The main advantage is that are not required investments in hardware infrastructure or in software licenses acquisition. Furthermore it is significantly reduced the solution implementation period, monthly exploitation costs are easy to calculate and at an accessible level for any organization.