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The Bucharest Academy for Economic Studies recommends „SIVECO Academy”

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bucharest, April 8th 2005 - Starting with the 2005-2006 academic year, the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest (ASE) and SIVECO România begin a complimentary training program which aims at prepairing a student group at high quality and performance standard in software engineering and IT for business.

The program addresses the senior year students who want to mix the theoretic knowledge aquired in faculty with high quality and performance standards in the Romanian biggest software house.

Within the festivity of the 92nd aniversary of the Academy for Economic Studies, the Rector, Professor Ion Gheorghe Rosca made public this innitiative meant to put together the institution educational offer with the labour force market demand.

„Our present is marked by a new stage – a difficult and important one- corelated with Romania’s historycal perspective of EU integration, and aims mainly at materializing the fundamentals of the Bolognia-1999.

Situated on the axes Sorbonne – 1998, Prague – 2001, Berlin – 2003, Berger – 2005, the Bologna process triggered at European level  the convergence of the national academic systems, on condition of respecting the diversity of traditional educational offer. The assumes the development of a European Higher Education Space, which has to stimulare mobility and tighter cooperation in training and academic research.

In order to obtain a higher education system oriented towards market demands, the university receive a very special role in shaping students’s skills.

Partnerships between universities and companies become more and more necessary, „SIVECO Academy” being a projects which greatly contributes to complementary education of our students. This program will develop practical skills, team work skills and will get them used to the rigors of real projects. I deeply trust these partnerships” , declared Prof. Ion Gh. Roşca, Bucharest Academy for Economic Studies’ Rector.

The program „SIVECO Academy” will develop along two years under the coordination of the Computer Science, Statistics and Economics IT Faculty.

„I am convinced that our solid experience in national scale educational projects and our orientation towards IT solutions for business proccesses streamlining make SIVECO Romania a suited partner for an institution with tradition in business specialists training, such as ASE Bucharest”, says Irina Socol, SIVECO Romania General Manager on the occasion of signiing the colaboration protocol.

 „We have all the reasons to believe that this collaboration will bring benefits for both our organizations. We are always looking forward to shorten the accomodation period for newly employeed people. On the other side, it’s very important for students to make a career development plan even from faculty years.  We hope that SIVECO Academy will become in shortest time an example of good practice for academic institutions with the private sector in training the younster in conformity with market demands”.

What does SIVECO Academy work?
  • A monthly scholarship 100 EUR worh
  • Strong knowledge in the following areas:
    • Software development and design
    • Project Management
    • System analysis, economic analysis
    • Accounting expertise
    • Communication; methods, techniques and presentation skills; „soft skills”
  • Courses within the faculty, provided by highly professional students;
  • Courses from practitioners with business expertise;
  • Use of the newest teaching techinques and information absorbtion
  • Involvement in activities and projects meant to develop your skills:
    • Projects development, individually and in teams;
    • The chance to take part in the summer school organized in partnership woth prestigious universities from abroad;
    • Internship within SIVECO Romania;
    • Prepairing the graduation thesis under athe coordination of a Professor and that of a SIVECO Romania’s Product Manager;
  • The chance to work with SIVECO Romania top professional shortly after the graduation

The colaboration between the Academy for Economic Studies and SIVECO Romania has a history –this academic year is the third in a row when an eBusiness master class is held on SIVECO Applications platform. The expertise aquired led naturally to further cooperation.