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Business Intelligence Solutions - the investment of the romanian managers in fast and fundamental decisions

Monday, February 25, 2008

Recently, SIVECO Romania participated to the  Business Intelligence/Data Mining Conference, un important event for the local IT sector. Managers from the biggest companies, well known IT specialists and important local administration representatives came to this conference.

SIVECO Romania participated especially to talk about the innovating Business Intelligence&Data Mining concepts and solutions,  a subject of present interest. The event drew attention to the newest trends in the field and to the importance of adopting these last generation IT instruments in the romanian business environment.

We are glad to participate to events like „Business Intelligence&Data Mining” conference, which give us the opportunity to „take the pulse” of the newest trends in the field and to meet our future potential clients. In the romanian economic environment, Business Intelligence is needed because, today, a company has to transform all the information in answers to the critical questions of the management. The present business environment no longer accepts but good, fast decisions, based on reliable information, which add value and make the company more creddible. All these are necessary to get an important competitive advantage”, says Dorin Băra, Deputy Line of Business Manager in SIVECO Romania.

The specialists from SIVECO Romania presented at this conference SIVECO Business Analyzer, the solution for Business Intelligence. To rich faster to the potential client, the experts from SIVECO made practical demonstrations having a big impact to the audience.

Most of the competitive and successful companies from the romanian business environment have already considered Business Intelligence a factor that increases the profitability and makes the decision process more eficient. Using

SIVECO Business Analyzer , our clients understand better the information and the relevant processes for the success of the business.

The data of each organization is an important capital which needs to be valued. This is when the solution of SIVECO comes in by monitoring and corelating all the levels of the activity in the company and by exercising an influence over the future performances. SIVECO Business Analyzer offers to managers the ideal instrument in realizing useful analysis, statistics and reports in the decision process”, says Ciprian Neacşu, Technical Leader in SIVECO Romania.

The dynamic economy and the quick access to information, make the companies interested in Business Intelligence solutions. Being very important for the growth of the business, solutions like SIVECO Business Analyzer give managers the opportunity to create an eficient mechanism in taking decisions and guarantees a simple decisional process at the management level.