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Do we have successful young managers in Romania?

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Alexandru Coşbuc, General Manager of SIV Dubai, successfully leads the development of the company’s business in the Middle East

Alexandru Coşbuc, International Sales Vice-President in SIVECO & General Manager of SIV Dubai received the “Special Award” for performance and professionalism within "100 Top Youngest Managers 2013", event organized by Business Magazin.

Wednesday night, at Marriott Hotel, Business Magazine has granted 10 awards to the most performing young managers in Romania, and their names can be found in the eighth edition of the catalogue "100 Top Young Managers", launched on the same occasion.

Only 32 years old, and with already over 10 years experience in SIVECO, Alexandru Coşbuc is developing the company business in the Gulf region. For outstanding managerial performance, he has received the special award of the jury formed of journalists at the Business Magazin review.

"I equally thank for this award to the Business Magazin and SIVECO team, a company where I work ever since my student years, and where I have had the extraordinary chance to participate in and subsequently lead major, national and international IT projects. Great teams make great projects. Our team is a great team, from all points of view. Speaking of numbers, our staff numbers is over 1,000 people. From the value point of view, the size is given by our projects of introducing IT into 26 countries. I am proud that SIVECO is the main provider of educational content for the United Arab Emirates. We have started to work in the United Arab Emirates in 2007, when developing the national portal of the Ministry of Education. Then, we have won the tender for developing the Library for Interactive Educational Content, which has today over 7,000 learning objects, being the most extended and attractive collection of animations, films simulations, exercises and experiments in Arabic. We will continue to expand in the area, to provide pupils and teachers with modern educational instruments", has declared Alexandru Coşbuc.

The educational content implemented by the Emirates’ schools has been adjusted to the cultural and education model in the United Arab Emirates. In the process of creating and customizing the educational content, SIVECO Romania has benefitted of the support and involvement of local teachers and of the IT department within the Ministry of Education.

For eight years now, the "Business Magazin" Awards Gala stages the vision of those representing the "new wave", of those visibly transforming Romania through their energy and creativity. Through this initiative, Business Magazin selects and promotes the young managers leading today some of the most important businesses in Romania, who will best represent the business environment within the next ten years.