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Business management software solutions for the business community in Piatra-Neamt

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Bucharest, April 5, 2005 - Continuing its tradition to connect with business communities around the country, SIVECO Romania recently organized a solution and services presentations seminar in Piatra-Neamt.

For the local business community this event represents the opportunity to see how information solutions can help organizations: increased productivity, optimal use and control of resources and final results

The audience, formed out of representatives from several local industries benefited from presentations and details regarding the products and services SIVECO Romania provides, with emphasis on the practical advantages of interest for any beneficiary.

By implementing an integrated information system, the organizations benefit from certain competitive advantages, regardless the size and industry they belong.  There are several positive influences for:

  • product design - better control of modifications;
  • production and material management (production program simulations, etc.);
  • sales – delivery deadlines are met;
  • management system – management focuses on improving the organizational structure, based on clients’ requests.

Among the benefits of the integrated solution SIVECO Applications:

  • lower stocks by 20%, by improving planning and scheduling;
  • 5% costs off with the materials, by improving procurement procedures, negotiations with the providers;
  • 10% costs off with direct and indirect handwork, by improving production processes;
  • improved coordination between sales and production leads to increased sales by minimum 10% and better relationships with the client;
  • improved financial coordination leads to 18% shorter invoice payment terms.

There have also been interactive presentations of the Financial-Accounting, Productions and Cost Controlling components, SIVADOC – document management and workflow management system, SIVECO Business Analyzer - management analysis tool.

The Financial-Accounting Management Component allows synthetic and/or analytical statements, taking into account the company’s specific and legal regulations.

The Production Management Component is the most powerful and reliable software tool on the Romanian market, with abilities for preparing, programming, launching, monitoring and controlling production processes.  Leading Romania companies use the product, as it is consolidated and validated based on the clients’ observations, from various industries: aeronautics (Aerostar), machines and equipment (Astra Bus, MEVA, ROMVAG, Uztel), furniture (Libertatea), telecommunications (Topex), ceramics (Romanceram).

The analysis are only the starting point, as the user can set its own data outputs, according to the company’s specific.

The document management system SIVADOC developed by SIVECO Romania simplifies the document flow, reduces answering time and monitors activities deployment.  One of the success stories is represented by the project implemented at the Bucharest City Hall.

“We believe that the dialog established between our companies’ specialists, with certified expertise by numerous success references in Romania and abroad, and the potential clients from all industrial and commercial sectors, leads to strong commercial relationships and long-term collaboration”, said Irina Socol, general manager SIVECO Romania.