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SIVECO Romania has joined «Calculate the carbon footprint» mission

Friday, April 21, 2017

Due to the selective waste collection, the company has reduced its carbon print by 548 kg CO2

SIVECO Romania has joined this year the mission called „Calculate your carbon footprint”, a project initiated by ZeroCO2 Association, for companies’ undertaking and reporting the responsibility as regards their impact on the environment.

SIVECO Romania numbers among the first companies in our country that has decided to monitor and report in a transparent manner the volume of greenhouse gases emissions (GES). 

Founded in 2014, ZeroCO2 Association is actively involved in national programs dedicated to fighting environmental issues caused by climate change.

The reduction in greenhouse gases emissions is a global objective, of great concern for all organizations from all fields of activity. Calculating the carbon footprint represents the first step in reducing these emissions and in implementing carbon’s management.

Data reporting for the emissions’ calculus is a good opportunity for communicating between the companies’ departments referring to factors influencing the environment and the level of impact each of them has. At the same time, by calculating the carbon footprint, a company can get an overall image over its resources’ consumption, so that, based on this data, to be able to intervene to the point, in order to reduce the afferent costs.

In order to calculate the greenhouse gases emissions afferent to the operational activities within SIVECO Romania, one has used data referring to electric energy consumption, consumption of fuel used by the company cars, the business –related flights and accommodation done by the company employees, as well as the quantity of generated waste.

Taking into account that SIVECO Romania activates in the IT sector, the highest contribution to carbon emissions is given by the electric energy consumption (59%).

Starting with 2012, in order to reduce the glasshouse gas emissions (GES), SIVECO Romania has implemented a series of measures such as: acquiring cars with low fuel consumption, diminishing the electric energy consumption, introducing a system for selective waste collection. The quantifiable results of these measures have rendered directly positive results over the environment. For example, due to the waste selective collection, SIVECO Romania has reduced the carbon footprint by 548 kg CO2. Diminishing the annual costs with electric energy procurement by 175,696 euro represents a significant reduction of the energy consumption, and the emissions quality, respectively.

Ever since 2012, the company has received the ISO 14001 certification regarding the Environment  Management System, including pollution’s prevention, reducing the resulting quantity of waste and resources’ preservation (water, gas, electricity).

SIVECO Romania’s undertakings for a responsible attitude towards the environment cover a wide range of activities and they have been launched quite a while. Thus, to the products and services’ portfolio of SIVECO belong the applications meant to reduce the resources consumption and to contribute to environmental protection: SIVECO Applications management information system, EcoSUNT waste management system, SIVADOC documents management system.

“By joining the « Calculate your carbon footprint » mission, SIVECO gives an example of good practices regarding the responsibility towards the environment. From our point of view, only by protecting and preserving the environment we are living in, can we ensure a sustainable future. Therefore, it is necessary that more and more companies should be aware and undertake the commitment for environmental protection”, states Roxana Constantin, Project Manager at ZeroCO2 Association.       

The SIVECO Report on the carbon footprint can be read here.