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.Campion, the competition that mould the future champions of Romania

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Bucharest, 7th of February 2006 - Started in November 2005, the third edition of  .Campion, is carried on successfully. 

Now, takes place the eight round, from the 13th of the competition.

The last round of the contest will end on 25th of March and will coincide with the 6th edition of "Urmasii lui Moisil", the Computer Science Regional Contest organized by Grigore Moisil Computer Science College of Iasi.

The finalist will be announced after the 1st of April. 

At this edition 1054 pupils registered in the competition. 754 pupils sent solution at Small group (9th grade or primary school students). 674 sent solutions at Medium (10th grade), and 701 pupils at large group (11th and 12th grade). .Campion 2006 is the first international edition. Youngsters from Bulgaria, The Republic of Moldavia, Albania, Canada, Vietnam and Nigeria.

« By .Campion, which is part of SIVECO Romania Virtual Center of Excellency we wanted to offer equal acces for all pupils to an excellent training in computer science, to stimulate their passion for this domain and it seems we have succeeded. Between 2003-2005, best young people from all over Romania worked hard and proved their proficiency in competitions. The results of .Campion finalists at national and international competitions proves it” declares Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within  SIVECO Romania.

73% finalists of.Campion 2005 considers that this  competition offers a constant training for national and international Olympiad at national scale.

76% of them declared that the problems level of difficulty is similar to those at national and international Olympiad.

Among the 42 finalists of .Campion 2005, 26 obtained prizes at ONI and 9 of them were part of Romanian Olympic team.

The results of the latter at the 12th edition of the Central European Olympiad in Informatics (CEOI), that took place at Sarospatak(Hungary) last year, placed Romanian on the second place in the unofficial nations top, after Poland.

For the first time in the 12 years of history of the competition, a Romanian student wins the "absolute gold" medal. This is Dan Ionuţ Fechete (Spiru Haret” Computer Science High School of Suceava), a finalist of.Campion 2005. Also, Leonard Crestez (“Nicolae Bălcescu” National College of Brăila - silver medal), Marin Radu (Unirea National College of Focşani -bronze medal) and Sorin Stancu-Mara (International Computer Science High School of Bucharest –bronze medal) were amongst the 2005 edition finalists of .Campion competition.

"Every year the competition gets stronger. This year the pupils’ scores are higher than in last years, so we expect great results. Concomitantly, we are happy that students from other countries want to participate to .Campion. We wish best of luck to all participants” said Professor Ema Cerchez, the competition coordinator.

The official website of the contest is: http://campion.edu.ro/

Also, there is a forum of discussions, which aims to become a gathering place, where younsters with similar passions, a place where they can talk and collaborate http://forum.portal.edu.ro/index.php?showforum=68